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Frank Carroll Announces Second Term Run for Katy City Council


JANUARY 6, 2019

Natalie Cook Clark

Councilman Frank Carroll announced he will seek a second term on Katy City Council in the 2019 city elections this May. Carroll's goals continue to be to support Katy first responders, work on drainage, and strictly manage growth.

“Every decision I make, I make it with full respect and appreciation for the legacy that has been built here, and with the upmost dedication to preserving the values that has made Katy an enduring small-town American dream for over 100 years.”

Carroll follows one simple goal, "preserve and fight for our small-town values, as it is these values that have made Katy the greatest place to live in America for over 100 years.” This goal helps to guide him in his mission to address his personal goals for the city:

1. To fully fund our first responders, as you cannot have a world-class small-town without safety and security in our neighborhoods.

2. To work every single day on drainage, attacking the problem on all fronts: upstream, downstream, and in the individual neighborhoods, as you cannot have a world-class small- town if people are constantly worried that they will lose their home.

3. To strictly manage growth, ensuring that every new deal is consistent with, and reflects, our small-town atmosphere, as it profits us nothing if we gain hundreds of businesses, but lose what made Katy special to begin with.

Councilmember Carroll graduated with his J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center, and is a shareholder attorney for a Texas-based law firm that focuses in real estate and corporate law. “I believe being a partner in a large law firm has helped me carry out my responsibilities as a councilman, whether it is fighting for a better deal in our contracts, or drafting ordinances that help preserve and protect our small-town values," says Councilman Carroll.

He is also a man of faith having served as interim pastor of Katy's Trinity Faith Church and is an active member of Katy Community Fellowship.

He is married to Hempstead native, April Carroll and their two children, Bryant and Lincoln attend Katy ISD schools. Bryant plays football for Katy Junior High.

Councilmember Frank Carroll represent Ward A on the Katy City Council. The city elections are May 5 and other local politicians have already stepped up to announce their intentions for the election season.


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