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Top 8 Fitness Trends in Katy for 2018

With so many new and exciting fitness options growing in popularity in Katy, you'll never have to suffer through a boring workout again.

KATY MAGAZINE | December 2017

By Tanya Erickson & Ashley Lancaster


1. Aerial Fitness

If you want to try something exciting, new and different, check out an aerial yoga or aerial fitness class. Yoga classes use silks or fabrics hung from reinforced ceiling mounts to extend traditional yoga, pilates, and barre exercises to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation.

2. Indoor Mountain Climbing Challenge your muscles as well as your mind learning to climb with certified instructors at your beck and call. This is a HUGE confidence booster for adults and youngsters alike.

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3. Trampoline Workouts

Ideal for anyone with joint problems or who just wants a break from the same old h-hum workout. Not only do you blast calories (up to 1000 per hour), the health benefits to jumping are endless. Lower your blood pressure, improve circulation, strengthen and tone your muscles, and get better sleep at night.


4. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Turn a traditional workout upside down - HIIT workouts focus on short, intense bouts of calorie-blasting moves, with shorts periods of rest in between (typically only 30 seconds). Variety is the key ingredient here - confuse the muscles, and their only option is to adapt and become stronger. With the intensity level pumped all the way up to a 10, classes or workout sesssions usually last no longer than 30 - 45 minutes, so they're ideal for anyone crunched for time and who loves a good, challenging sweat session.

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5. Pole Workouts

Bring out your inner goddess with pole classes, which can be sweat-inducing, super-effective workouts. These types of fitness routines enhance flexibility, tone your body, and build strength. Plus, you’ll learn how to flaunt your curves and celebrate your body.

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6. Megaformer

Basically, Pilates on steroids. Take basic practice poses and add a contraption that is both innovative and a little intimidating. Megaformer addresses all five of the elements of physical fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility. With moves called “catfish,” “spider lunge,” and “mega preacher curl,” you’ll burn between 300 - 600 calories during class - and slow burn for up to 38 minutes after.

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7. Martial Arts & Kickboxing

Although not necessarily new, cardio kickboxing is making a strong comeback because it's a total-body workout that positively torches calories and tones without building bulk. Don’t worry, you won’t be jumping in the ring to spar with Rocky, but you will be shedding some major pounds, releasing stress, and improving your reflexes. Most routines include a brief warm up with jump ropes and basic fitness/agility drills or light weights, followed by alternating drills on heavy bags and mits held by an instructor or partner. Get your gloves up.


8. Camp Gladiator A fitness chain that offers unlimited, outdoor group workouts for four weeks that include cardio, strength and agility training. Camps are an hour long and are hosted at convenient meeting locations like schools or churches all over the city. Trainers will communicate what you need to bring each week, like a yoga mat, weights, or just yourself for intense cardio drills. People love the variety of the workouts, and the bonds formed with other "campers."

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