10 Unbelievable Facts and Legends About Katy, Texas

Whether it's fact, rumor, or folklore, here are some of the most interesting tidbits and juicy rumors that you won't believe.

KATY MAGAZINE | August 2018

By Katrina Katsarelis

Opening photo by Anetrius Wallace

Matilda the Witch Landed in a Helicopter at a School

Have you ever had a helicopter land at your child’s school around Halloween time transporting a witch? If you went to Hutsell Elementary in the ‘80s, you might remember this unusual, but fascinating tradition of Matilda the Witch. Only once did Matilda come by helicopter, the other times she just made an appearance near Halloween and then led the students in a fun Halloween song written by Jeannette Hayes (namesake of Jeannette Hayes Elementary.) Sharon Rhoads, beloved Katy educator and school namesake played the part of Matilda and started the tradition as an impromptu idea one year around Halloween time. She wrangled up some sticks and a string and hung it outside the classroom window. She teen took some various classroom fabrics and items to create a small Halloween witch. The children couldn't wait to run to the window and see Matilda and through the years, the tradition grew into Rhoads dressing up as Matilda. The kids looked forward to seeing Rhoads dressing up as Matilda and singing the special Halloween song.

Rhoads (dressed as Matilda) arriving by helicopter the last time she made her appearance

Matilda the Witch arrives at Hutsell Elementary by helicopter - Katy Magazine

Matilda giving the kids hugs at halloween

Katy is Known as a UFO Hot Spot

A Katy resident who was driving along Hwy 99 Grand Parkway north towards I-10 and Highland Knolls saw several something strange in the sky around 8:30 PM last September and captured a video of three strange unexplained lights in the sky. According to UFO experts, there have been numerous other 'sightings' happening over the Grand Parkway and Katy freeway area. The story above was aired on ABC Channel 13 so there is some validity. Watch the video and decide for yourself.