Hope Impacts Holds Events to Raise Awareness for Katy’s Growing Homeless Population


October 25, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Hardships from the pandemic, freeze, and economic climate continue to impact Katy resulting in the increase of homelessness. Katy based non-profit, Hope impacts debuts a new event hoping not just to fundraise to meet the growing need, but to showcase the talent of those they serve through art.

There's still a few team spots for Hope impact's 6th Annual Golf Tournament. Photo credit: Hope Impacts

Hope Impacts, a Katy based non-profit focused on giving hope and dignity to locals facing homelessness, has seen a steady increase in area homelessness since Hurricane Harvey in 2017. They have two upcoming events aimed to raise awareness and help fund their needs.

Natural Disasters, Pandemic Both Reasons for Homelessness Increase

“Through no fault of their own thousands of people were affected by natural disasters, the pandemic which potentially affected not only our health, but our finances, our livelihoods, our ability to provide for our families and communities, and ourselves,” says Hope impacts founder and Executive Director Tina Hatcher.

Hope impacts currently serves around 135 people in area. That is just who they serve, not an account for the area's homeless population. According to Hope Impacts, over 1,000 children are considered in the Harris County and Fort Bend County areas that they serve.

“The Freeze affected thousands of homes that are still waiting on repair and do not cover renters that lost everything due to busted pipes,” says Hatcher. Her own daughter is still displaced and living with extended family after the home she rented for 12 years sustained freeze damage making it uninhabitable.

“Situational homelessness occurs when we cannot provide our own housing for reasons such as job loss, medical emergency, divorce, natural disaster or other life altering events,” explains Hatcher.

Hope Impacts serves the tri-county area of Harris, Ft Bend, and Waller County.

They depend on donations and sponsors in order to be able to serve the community in need. They have two upcoming events, their 6th annual Golf Tournament and the first Heart for Hope Gala.