Katy Asian Town Restaurants Bursting with Flavor


By Ariana Pezeshki and Katrina Katsarelis

Opening photo of Square Root Poké

Katy Asian Town's Dining Options

With the highly anticipated Katy Asian Town now open, locals have many more unique and varied options for trying extraordinary menu items originating in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Korea, and more.

What is Asian Town? Asian Town is a 15 acre cluster of shops, restaurants, and businesses located at 23119 Colonial Parkway (on the northeast corner of Grand Pkwy and IH-10.) The restaurants in Katy Asian Town offer everything from fresh seafood, to hand crafted desserts, to marinated filet mignon, to Vegan poké (de-constructed sushi) bowl options, to name a few.

Here are some delicious Katy Asian Town Restaurants you'll want to know about.


Create Your Own Bowl Square Root Poké offers custom-created sushi bowls to fit each customer's tastes and flavor preferences. The traditional Hawaiian dish, poké, can be looked at as a deconstructed bowl of sushi in a way. Starting with a base of rice or noodles, diners add their preferred meat or proteins, then top it with their choice of sauces and seasonings.

Katy customers have had good things to say about Square Root Poké. “I cannot say enough positive things about this poké restaurant," says Katy diner Elise. "The food is divine. The staff is obviously concerned with making sure you have the best experience possible."

Diner Ronald agrees. "It is really nice to have a poké place in the area with fresh ingredients. The small size has 2 scoops of protein, and is large enough for a meal. Tasty and well priced poké in Katy."

PHAT EATERY (Malaysian)

Gratifying and Satisfying Dishes Yes, you read that correctly! Phat, meaning "highly attractive or gratifying" is Katy's newest Malaysian street food spot that will have you salivating for delectable Malaysian dishes. Customer favorites include various sizzling specialties made of beef, prawns, chicken, or calamari to name a few. "I had shrimp and sambal and it was very tasty and spicy but not too spicy. Their wait staff was friendly and helped me to understand what the items on the menu are. Would definitely go there again," says Dan, a PHAT diner.