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Katy Christian Ministries To Open Second Resale Store


March 11, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy Christian Ministries will open it's second resale location in Katy in late April. The additional proceeds from the new resale shop will continue to support and grow services to meet an increasing demand.

KCM second resale store coming soon. Photo Courtesy: KCM

New Resale Shop on Kingsland Boulevard

The new Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) resale shop will be located at 23232 Kingsland Boulevard. The resale store will have a soft opening in late April and is set for a grand opening on May 1. It will operate the same hours as it's First Street store Monday-Saturday 9 am- 5 pm.

This addition adds 9,000 square feet to KCM operations. "This opening is two years in the making," says Deysi Crespo, Executive Director. "We always read feedback and for a long time the community has asked for a second shop. We listened. A lot of research and consideration went into these plans and we were strategic about geographic location to open where we could best reach clients and customers."

When it opens the new location will become the donation center as well. KCM will close it's current donation center (5012 E. 3rd Street.) "Our clients and customers will be able to shop and donate in a fresh, new, and comfortable environment," says Crespo.

Meeting A Greater Need

In 2017 KCM served 8,216 households. "That's households, not individuals and the numbers are not duplicated meaning every house gets counted once. Last year that number increased to 8,648," explains Crespo. "It's safe to say that we're currently serving 200,000 individuals on a yearly basis."

"The families we serve don't pay for anything and grants do not cover relocating families to safer situations," Crespo explains.

"The added proceeds from the second resale shop will help us grow and continue to provide services to move families from crisis to stability," says Crespo. "We've already added hours to our food pantry and this will help us support that growth and continue to expand as we're needed."

Resale Funds Projects

KCM current resale store is at 5510 First Street in Katy. It has an always changing selection of gently used and new clothing, furniture and household goods. Proceeds go to support KCM projects and programs that can support an abused mother, an out of work husband, or a family struggling to help pay their electric bill.

Renovation is underway at KCM's second resale store and donation center. Photo Credit: KCM

How to Donate

The donation center is currently at 5012 E Third Street in Katy and is open Monday-Friday 8 am -11 am. The donation hours are expected to be Monday – Saturday from 9am-4:30pm when the donation center moves to the new resale location.

KCM Donations Accepted:





Clothing in good condition with no stains, tears or soiling

New mattresses that are still in the plastic

KCM can respectfully decline items that they do not feel they can sale. They also can't accept items that are damaged, broken, dirty, wet, have excessive pet hair, are incomplete, worn-out or not working.

If you have at least 10 trash bags worth of items to donate, furniture, etc. you can schedule a KCM truck to pick it up. To learn more about this service and more information on what they can and cannot accept, please visit their website.

A History of Service

Celebrating 35 years, the non-profit offers social services, a crisis center, and food pantry. KCM has been serving the people of Katy and the surrounding communities since the 80's.

"We are grateful for the community love and support," says Crespo. "It's a beautiful gift to get to do this on our 35th celebration year!"

Learn more about Katy Christian Ministries and their projects at their website.


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