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Katy Dad of Six Finds Community in Scouts


June 20, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Matt Estes is a Katy dad to six children ranging from married at twenty-years-old to an 8-year-old. Through his involvement with his kid’s activities, Estes has found a home in scouts where he’s led his children and other Katy kids.

The Estes Family. Photo credit: Laura Chiles.

Check Your Pride and Dignity at the Door

Being a dad to six children (plus one daughter-in-law) and being around a scouting den for 14 years has taught Matt Estes a thing or two about parenting and life.

“Go ahead and check some of your pride and dignity at the door,” says Katy dad Matt Estes, who also praises any chance to get a quick nap. “Nothing keeps you humble like fatherhood.”

But Estes states that parenting is very much a “team sport” and his co-captain is his wife of twenty years, Holly. The Estes met in high school.

“All I know is that my shoes ended up in the girl’s bathroom at a high school sock hop and the rest is history,” says Estes.

15 Years in Katy

The Estes are originally from Chesapeake, Virginia. They moved to Katy 15 years ago. Matt is a civil engineer.

Noah Estes is the oldest child at 20-years-old. He is married to Kay and they both attend Texas A&M at Galveston where he is studying Marine Engineering Technology and she studies Marine Biology.

Micah Estes is 18-years-old and just graduated from James E. Taylor High School. He will be attending Virginia Tech (Matt and Holly’s alma mater) in the Corps of Cadets and Highty Tighties marching band. He plans to major in clinical neuroscience.

Matt and boys after Lydia was born. Photo credit: Bryan Martisek.

Caleb Estes is 16-years-old and going into his junior year at Taylor High School where he is a member of the JET Band drum line.

Isaac Estes, at 14-years-old will be a freshman at Taylor High School this school year. He is a member of the Taylor Playmakers varsity theater.

Elijah is 10-years-old and will be a 5th grader at Nottingham Elementary School. Like his family, he loves scouts.

Lydia Estes, 8-years-old, will be a 3rd grader at Nottingham Elementary School.

The Estes family has found a shared family interest in Boy Scouts. “I’m sure any family with multiple children will appreciate the appeal of finding one activity everyone can enjoy,” says Estes.

Estes has been involved with scouts since Noah joined Pack 353 (St. Peter’s UMC) as a Tiger Cub in 2008.

Connecting Through Scouts

“Each kid has different interests and talents, and Scouts has given them a place to have ‘have fun with purpose’ and build character,” says Estes.

Each child, including Lydia, has gone through or is currently active in Boy Scouts. Estes is currently the Cubmaster in the pack Elijah and Lydia are in, but he’s held various position over the years. Isaac and Caleb are current youth members in Troop 1288 (Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church) he is the Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor, and Flags Across America fundraising chair. He’s also the current Cub Scout Outdoor Training Chair and a Uniti Commissioner with the Texas Skies District.

“Camping as a family gives us a chance to unplug and spend some intentional time with the kids,” says Estes.

Estes has also served Katy community as a Nottingham Elementary School Watch D.O.G. and various other roles through his kids’ sports teams and activities throughout the years.

“Getting out in the community to assure kids that men can and should be a positive example is a responsibility for any good dad,” says Estes. “There are also some kids growing up without a dad and those need a mentor, especially the boys who are looking for someone to teach them how to be a man.”

The Estes family is involved in Kingsland Baptist Church where Matt is a Deacon. He just finished leading a LifeGroup Bible Study for the Kingsland Student Ministry. This summer he will visit Israel with Micah and other newly graduated students from their youth group.

Camping is a family favorite, but they just love making time to be together. The Estes family loves exploring Bear Creek, George Bush, and John Paul Landing Parks. They enjoy eating a Jimmy Changa’s and Ritter’s Frozen Custard. They also love to play board games, video games, and card games.

“When everyone is involved, more often than not you let down your guard and connect with each other,” says Estes.

Marriage is a Blessing, Fatherhood is a Gift

Estes says that marriage is a blessing and fatherhood is a gift. “Don’t neglect your relationship with your wife,” he says. “Keeping her front and center, supporting, loving, cherishing her brings balance to the family instead of letting it be overrun by work or kids.”

Estes loves watching his kids grow and learn. He says his favorite part about being a dad is “taking off their training wheels” both literally and figuratively.

“Watching them succeed in something they set out to do on their own is amazing because you remember all the times when they couldn’t,” says Estes. “Whether it’s potty training, riding a bike, driving a car, finishing an Eagle Scout project, or starting their first job, I really love watching them succeed and, when needed, giving them a safe place to fail so they can try again.”

Estes’ biggest wish for his children is that they will find work they enjoy that can provide for a family of their own.

“The actual family, not just the way it looks from the outside,” says Estes. “is more important than any job, status symbol, opportunity, or challenge you go through.”


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