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Katy Drivers Should Stay Aware as Local Authorities Report Rise in Road Rage Incidents


July 15, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Harris County Constable Ted Heap with Precinct 5 says he’s teaming up with other local law enforcement agencies to protect the Katy area drivers from an increase of road rage incidents. This is a crime that has been on the rise over the last few years.

Harris County Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap is joining forces with the Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the Texas Department of Public Safety and more local agencies to protect local drivers as they are seeing a rise in road rage incidents.

Constable Heap is reminding drivers to be on the lookout for their own safety.

Katy Road Rage Incidents

One terrifying Katy road rage case ended in a 9-year-old special needs girl being grazed by a bullet to her head. This incident occurred February 5, 2021 and started at Katy Freeway and Westgreen and ended at the area of Westborough and Park Row, where shots were fired.

The young girl was transported via Life Flight to the Medical Center where she did recover.

According to the family that was shot at 6 times, two men were involved. Harris County Sheriff’s Office led the investigation and did make one arrest and charged the suspect with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and felony injury to a child.

In many cases, something happens that sets the other driver off. In this case the family admitted to honking at the driver when they changed lanes. That escalated the incident.

Another Katy case last year ended in a road rage confrontation after one party allegedly threw a cup into the other's car, leading in a brief chase and a confrontation. One of the drivers claimed the other driver pulled out a gun and struck his vehicle. No one was harmed in this case.

What to do if Targeted

Constable Ted Heap instructs drivers on what to do if they feel they are being targeted by a potential driver showing road rage.

  • Make sure your vehicle doors are locked

  • Do not engage- Honking or responding will only escalate the situation

  • Do not pull over and address them face-to-face

“In most cases, it is best to move out of the way and avoid a physical, potentially dangerous situation,” says Constable Heap.

If you still feel threatened and in fear for your safety, Precinct 5 advises drivers to note what street and direction you are traveling and the nearest cross street. Be able to provide a description of the car and a license plate number if possible and call 911 or drive directly to the nearest police station.


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