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Katy Family Offers $1K Reward For Missing Dog


April 25, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

UPDATE: April 29, 2019. Milo is home and safe with his family after being missing for eleven days. The family received a phone call with information that led them (and police) to the home where Milo was being held. He had been taken. His collar and tags had been removed but a microchip reader confirmed it was him. Charges are not being filed. The Soules family thanks everyone who looked for and prayed for Milo's safe return.

A Katy family is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of their Pomeranian Milo. Milo went missing from his backyard in Oak Park Trails on April 19. The family believes that someone could have Milo and they hope the reward will encourage his return as he is greatly missed and dependent on medication.

Eduardo, Monica, Miranda, Eduardo, and Crista want Milo back. Photo Credit: Eduardo Soules.

Gone from Oak Park Trails

"We love Milo as just another member of out family," says Eduardo Soules. "He is very sweet and friendly." Milo ("Meelo"), a four-year-old male Pomeranian went missing from his backyard in Oak Park Trails (behind HEB) at 9:00 am on April 19. He was last scene by a witness at at 9:50 am at Canyon Terrace Lane and Oak Creek Court by Winding Hollow, still in the Oak Park Trails subdivision.

Soules believes that by now someone has found and decided to keep Milo as he is clearly a purebred and a good dog. The family hopes that the reward will encourage anyone who may have Milo to come forward and no questions will be asked.

Milo's Description:

  • Male Pomeranian

  • Responds to Milo "Meelo"

  • Microchipped

  • Brown collar with bone-shaped tags

Family with Three Children Miss Milo

Milo is greatly missed by his family that includes Eduardo and Monica and their three children, Miranda (14), Eduardo (11), and Crista (8). Milo was a gift to the family from Eduardo's sister and moved with them from Mexico. Milo goes everywhere with the family including flying in the cabin of airplanes. He also loves car rides.

Needs Medication, Reward Offered

Milo takes medication for asthma. "He is very happy with us and I am sure he is suffering now. We worry about his health," says Soules."

"We will reward with $1,000 to the person that brings Milo safe back to us," says Soules. "No questions will be asked, just our gratitude."

Since offering the reward, the Soules family has had their hopes falsely raised twice as they have received calls from people trying to scam them.

"We want Milo home and will not pay the reward until we have him," says Soules. "$1,000 is plenty to get a new purebred puppy and initial supplies. We just want our Milo."

While Milo is a valued member of his family, he is known to be afraid of strangers and can be difficult to hold when he is afraid.

Call with Information

If you have seen Milo or know of his whereabouts please contact Eduardo Soules at 281-898-4822, 281-898-4823, 281-415-5603, or 281-245-4764. The family has already contacted local vets, shelters, police department, and pet stores.


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