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Katy Family Passes Out Candy Through Interactive ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Decor


October 28, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

While the pandemic caused many hardships it also brought people together through creativity and fun. One Katy family used innovation to maintain social distancing during Halloween. Their popular “Nightmare Before Christmas” decorations keep people coming back even after the time of social distancing has passed.

Photo credit: Kristin Miller

When Katy families press a button at this Katy house Zero, the spirit pup from “Nightmare Before Christmas” flies a candy treat down to awaiting candy buckets. The interactive decorations have families returning each year to enjoy the magic that brought people together during the pandemic.

The house is located at 3419 Pebble Bay Drive in Katy.

Social Distancing Led to Interactive Candy Fun

“We started it a few years ago during the pandemic to accommodate social distance trick or treating,” says Kristin Miller. “People needed to not give up some normalcy. It was such a hit that we have kept it every year.”

The Wait is Worth it

Miller warns visitors that there is often a line to experience Zero’s candy flight, but that it does go smoothly and quickly for those willing to wait. Last year based of candy given out, the Miller family had over 150 visitors on Halloween night.

Kristin Miller and her son, Christian Mason made the “Nightmare Before Christmas” décor and Zero flight activity while bored during the lockdown.

“We tried to creatively find a way for trick or treat to continue despite lock downs. I had hoped that Nightmare before Christmas decor could just stay up because it covered both Halloween and a Christmas. We had such fun making them that we decided to create a Grinch themed Christmas Village so we do take down Nightmare before Christmas after Halloween,” explains Miller.

The Millers even answered requests to make cutouts for other Katy residents during the lockdown but stopped when their lives returned back to normal.

“We love the memory of making them together and turning a difficult time in history into a memorable event,” says Miller, who looks forward to one day passing the tradition down to the next generation when her son has children.

Where to Visit The Miller House

Katy families can visit the Millers “Nightmare Before Christmas” house at 3419 Pebble Bay Drive. Don’t forget to get out and press the button near Zero to have him fly down a candy treat!

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