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Katy Fire Department Responds to 4-Alarm Fire in Houston


May 16, 2018

By Ashley Lancaster

Last week, members of the Katy Fire Department sprang into action to help extinguish four-alarm commercial fire near Brittmore and Tanner Rd.

At around 11 p.m. on Wednesday night, wooden pallets at Kim's Pallet, Inc. caught on fire, and the blaze quickly escalated, requiring crews from the surrounding area to respond.

Approximately 100 firefighters responded to the scene, including members of the Katy Fire Department. Jacob Duke, Justin Burgs, Jared Bowen, Justin Gray, Jacob Yezak, Jared Mikolajczak and Andrew Kruut of KFD worked for 11 hours to put out the massive fire, which required so much water that every fire hydrant in the area had to be used, and still was not sufficient to kill the flames and remaining hot spots.

The cause of the fire is unknown, and the incident is still under investigation.


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