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Katy Girl Moms vs. Boy Moms: Who's Got it Tougher?


November 25, 2020

By Jennifer Miko

Meet some awesome Katy families with multiple same-sex siblings. What do their moms love most about their bunch of boys or group of girls? See how they manage being outnumbered and find out why they're grateful every day of the year.

Photo: My Sweet Melissa Photography

Who faces more daily challenges - moms of all boys or all girls? Which house is noisier, messier, or snugglier? Six amazing Katy moms, raising multiple daughters or sons, share their answers!



Kristen Mann and her three daughters

Girls Rule!

Kristen Mann loves her special mommy-daughter days with Kindsay, 13, and twins Sophia and Olivia, 9.

“I think children, in general, are FUN, regardless of gender,” says Kristen, owner of Mann Group Properties, Keller Williams Premier. “But watching our three bond yet go their own paths through life is incredible.”

Raising three daughters also comes with significant challenges. Kristen says she and her husband Todd observe lots of drama and feelings being hurt on a regular basis. She said their main priority is to make sure their girls show kindness above everything else.

“Girls can be challenging when it comes to learning how to handle their emotions in situations,” says Kristen.

The Mann girls love the outdoors, sports, and fishing. Kindsay plays competitive soccer and the twins will start softball in the spring.

Kristen says, “I want my girls to know that any dream they have, can be accomplished with hard work and determination.”

Kristen shared that she and Todd tried for boys, but…

“We got two more beautiful girls (twins),” says Kristen, “So we quickly realized that was not in the plans for us. We absolutely would have loved a son. Now that our family has grown out of the baby stage, we couldn’t imagine it any other way.”



Heather Schomburg and her four sons; Photo: Christi Janan Photography

Never a Dull Moment

Domestic engineer Heather Schomburg's job responsibilities include chef, logistics expert, counselor, janitorial services, administrative assistant, Zoom expert, teacher, and nurse. She and her husband Matt are raising four sons from elementary to high school.

Heather manages the busy schedules of Tyler, 17, Maverick 15, Miller, 12, and Riggs, 9, who alternate playing basketball, football, baseball, running track, rehearsing theatre, and more.

Heather says she can’t imagine her life without four sons and admits there’s never a dull moment, ever.

“They climb or jump or bounce on everything in the house and it seems that at all times they are throwing a ball or a mystery flying object around the house or at each other,” says Heather Schomburg. “Even my husband gets in on the action so I’m completely outnumbered.”

Heather says being a good boy mom requires not taking things too seriously and having a good sense of humor.

“If I don’t have something planned for them, they will come up with their own ways to entertain themselves, and that most likely will involve climbing on things or falling off of things,” says Heather. “If it doesn’t give me a heart attack it certainly keeps me entertained and on my toes.”

Heather says the greatest gift she and her husband ever gave their children is the gift of each other. Although they tease each other and drive each other crazy, she says the boys also laugh non-stop, are protective, and love each other in their own way.

“Nothing says I love you like a full-body-tackle-to-the-floor hug,” says Heather.



Hillary and Jacob Anderson and their four daughters

Unique Peas in a Pod

Four daughters keep Hillary and Jacob Anderson very busy. Elizabeth, 10, is in 4th grade, Ellisyn, 7, is in 1st grade, Evelyn, 4, is in preschool, and Emily is two years old.

“We knew we wanted to have at least four children but gender never factored into that decision,” says Hillary Anderson. “After four girls, I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to raise a boy,”

The “sugar and spice” combination in the Anderson household comes with its challenges. Hillary says she needs to remember that the girls are individuals – special and unique with their own personalities.

“We encourage them to try different things and find what they enjoy because they enjoy it, not because their sister likes it,” says Hillary. “Also, keeping the noise level under control has proven quite challenging! We hear high pitched screams way too often!”

Even though her daughters are young, Hillary says they have their share of tears, dramatics, and outbursts. On the bright side, she says they also have a ton of hugs, giggles, and tender moments.

“I have four, built-in, lifelong best friends that totally get me and I think that's super special,” says Hillary. “We think our family makeup is absolutely perfect the way it is!”



The Vega brothers

Boys Will Be Boys

Erica and Jonas Vega have four sons ranging from six to 14. Their oldest, Godfrey plays soccer, basketball, and football. Uriyah, 9, Elihaj, 8, and Noah, 6 play football and basketball.

Erica Vega and her four sons

Erica says she originally wanted one boy and one girl, and she and her husband tried three times for a girl. But now she can’t imagine raising daughters.

“I can barely put my own hair in a ponytail, I'm not so sure how helpful I would be in that category,” says Erica Vega.

Erica works for an ENT and juggles full-time classes pursuing her BSN. She says besides the UFC battles, the biggest challenge to raising four boys is “the constant urine all over my bathroom floors. It’s like my bathroom is a truck stop males’ bathroom.”

To be a good mom, Erica says she requires patience and a thick skin because the boys won’t hesitate to tell her if they think she looks fat or her hair looks too wild.

“Raising four boys to become men is one of the greatest things I could ever imagine,” says Erica.

“My boys will know how to treat women, and my husband will teach them what the meaning of chivalry is.”



Toni Amequito and her three daughters

One of the Girls

Katy mom Toni Amequito loves raising her girls: Nicole, 19 a freshman at UT Arlington, Isabelle, 13, in 7th grade, and Gabrielle, 11, in fifth grade.

“I could not imagine myself raising boys,” says Toni Amequito. “I am a mother that loves every shade of pink and absolutely adored dressing my girls in cute outfits with matching bows when they were younger.”

Toni, a single mom, is also a registered nurse and community educator at Cypress Memorial Hermann Hospital.

“The most challenging thing about raising all girls is the constant emotions that run the house and them thinking that my shoes and clothes belong to them,” says Toni.

She admits it takes a lot of patience and understanding to raise all girls, especially at different stages of their lives. Toni says it’s important to know how to interact with each one.

"Having all different interests and personalities, you cannot simply have the same relationship with all of them," says Toni. "I believe I have more of an understanding with my girls because I can relate to what they are feeling or what situations they may need help with. It is nice to be able to have those opportunities to bond."



Duffy family photos: My Sweet Melissa Photography

Friends for Life

Five sons keep Heather and Mike Duffy of Katy very busy. Simon, 15, is in 9th grade, Sebastian, 14, and Isaac, 12, are in junior high, Dominic, 10, and Conrad, 7, are in elementary school.

Heather Duffy and her five sons

“I love being a ‘boy mom’,” says Heather. “I’m very close with my sons. We go on shopping trips and out to eat so I don’t know if gender really would change any of that.”

Heather enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and spending time with her energetic crew. The Duffy boys love football and basketball, and the family also spends time together working out.

Raising five boys certainly keeps Heather busy.

“The most challenging thing about raising boys would have to be keeping up with the messes,” says Heather. “It is non-stop eating in my kitchen so there’s always a lot of food being pulled from the pantry and fridge.”

But Heather is grateful that her boys are so close in age.

“I do love that they have spent years playing on the same teams and sharing the same friends,” says Heather. “That has been a blessing for our family!”

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