Katy Grad Katelyn Royster Dazzles on the Catwalk


By Jennifer Miko

Meet Katelyn Royster, a talented local girl who followed a dream. When she was 17, she traded in her Katy High School Bengal Brigade uniform to model designer clothes on a runway during New York City’s Fashion Week.

Photo: Lookbook for Longchamp

Katelyn Royster lived in Katy all of her life. She took dance lessons for years, and went on campouts and sold cookies in the Girl Scouts. From elementary through high school Katelyn proudly wore Katy red. She joined the Brigade team and rooted for the Tigers, and along the way, became more interested in fashion and trends.

When Opportunity Knocks

Katelyn never considered trying modeling. Then one appointment at the hair salon changed her mind. The salon manager at Visible Changes in Houston asked 14-year-old Katelyn if she would like to model different hairstyles and clothing looks in the company’s corporate runway show in Houston.

Her mother Shelly says, “I was so incredibly in awe seeing my daughter walking the runway with such confidence, poise, and professionalism. She really could strut her stuff in those high heels.”

“Modeling for this company helped me discover that I wanted to get into modeling professionally,” says Katelyn.

Katelyn began researching modeling agencies to learn which ones were reputable and would be the best fit for her and her family. Afterall, she was still in high school and needed a parent to accompany her. Several small agencies wanted to recruit Katelyn. But they wanted the Roysters to pay fees upfront for photo shots to build her portfolio and for model cards for potential clients to hire her.

“I was not willing to pay fees upfront because I believed if they wanted her and were confident that she would get jobs, they would be willing to invest in her up front and would get their cut through her hired jobs,” says Shelly.

Signing with an Agent

When she was 16, a boutique agency in Austin, Mazza Models, signed the five-foot-nine teen and invested in her and booked her on some jobs. Shelly drove Katelyn to every photo shoot she had in Texas to develop her portfolio. The Austin agent also promoted her to major agencies in New York City.