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Katy High School Dancers Shine In Rose Bowl Parade


January 7, 2019

By Ariana Pezeshki and Katrina Katsarelis

The Katy High School Bengal Brigade and Cheerleaders danced alongside Chaka Khan in opening segment of the televised Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day. The hardworking team spent three months raising funds for the trip and say they are grateful for the love and support of the Katy community.

Millions Tune In

The annual televised event was broadcast to millions around the world and featured Katy High School's Bengal Brigade dancing (along with other groups) to the opening number sung by Grand Marshall Chaka Khan. Their eye-popping floral umbrellas and white and red costumes were easy to spot and the talented dancers made the choreography looked effortless. The closing performance also featured British pop sensation Anne-Marie.

Watch Katy High School Bengal Brigade and Cheerleaders in the opening of the Rose Parade 2019 below:

Kudos from Katy Supporters

Katy High School Bengal Brigade and Cheerleaders were honored with the opportunity to open and perform at this year's 2019 Rose Parade, representing the Katy Community and Katy High School with their talents to millions across the globe. Katy High School Principal Rick Hull tweeted, "Proud of all your hard work!"

Patty Henson, KBBC Director said it was, "truly an amazing experience thanks to all who helped get our kids to Pasadena...over 600,000 people watched from the streets of Pasadena California and over 70 million watched on television truly a legacy to remember."

(See Slideshow of photos below. Source Katy ISD.)

Raising Funds Since September

The Katy Bengal Brigade was invited to go last September and worked hard to raise money for travel costs for the 80 person team. They sold honey baked hams, pies and rolls, and hosted two school dances in order to raise the money in time. The girls raised 13,345 on their GoFundMe page and were able to make the trip.

Grateful for the Support

The Bengal Brigade and Cheerleaders thanked the Katy community for their support and made a heartfelt post to their Facebook page that read, "We had a wonderful time in California and want to say thank you again to all of the support from our friends, family, and community! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!"


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