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Katy ISD 2017 Bond Update

Five months after Katy ISD voters approved a $609M bond package, all projects are in the Planning or In Progress stage.


April 4, 2018

by Jennifer Skelton

The district recently created a page to keep the community updated on all projects. Follow this link to get an update on each project along with information such as pictures and construction videos.

The biggest projects on the 2017 Katy ISD Bond is the addition of 6 new schools. Here is where they stand...

Elementary #41

Located in Cross Creek Ranch, the school was recently named after retired educator Amy Campbell. Amy Campbell Elementary will open in August 2018 serving Cross Creek Ranch and the Churchill Farms communities. This project was funded with $5.6M remaining from the 2014 bond and $19M from the 2017 bond. Click here to read more about Amy Campbell.

Junior High #16 and High School #9

Both will be located in the Cross Creek Ranch community, on the same campus as Amy Campbell Elementary, providing relief to many schools in the southwest quadrant of the district. Both are in the planning phase. The junior high is slated to open August 2019 and the high school in August 2020.

Elementary #43 and Junior High #17

Located on the same property at Katy Hockley and Clay Rd. Elementary #43 is scheduled to open August 2020 while the Junior High is scheduled to open the following year.

Elementary #42

Slated to open in August 2019 in the Northwest Quadrant.

Other Projects

*Fielder Elementary Renovation - In Progress

*Katy High CTE Renovation - In Progress

*Outdoor Learning Center Renovations - Planning Phase

As projects progress, Katy ISD will update the website with details.


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