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Katy ISD Reports 75 Percent of Schools Damaged, Classes Expected to Resume Monday


February 19, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark and Jennifer Miko

Katy ISD reports that 75% of their schools experienced damage during the historic winter weather event this week. District operations and technology teams have continued to work throughout the week, and will into the weekend, to allow classes to resume on Monday.

Katy ISD Schools Recover from Weather Damage

Katy ISD schools, like so many local homes, did sustain damage during the historic winter storms this week. The fastest growing school district in Texas reports that 75% of its schools sustained damage from water, freezing temperatures, and wind. Damage reports include burst pipes, eroding of sheetrock, and carpet damage.

“It’s been a tough few days as families and neighbors have dealt with freezing conditions, power loss, and uncertain conditions,” says Katy ISD Superintendent Dr. Ken Gregorski in a video statement released this morning.

Katy ISD has been closed all week due to inclement weather. The District had already planned to be closed Monday for President’s Day, and initially announced classes for Tuesday would be held virtually. However, as power and water outages extended, and conditions worsened, the District decided to cancel all classes through Friday, February 19.

Students/Families Concerned about Grading Periods

Today marked the end of the fourth six-week grading period for secondary students. However, the superintendent said teachers have through Wednesday, February 24 to work with their junior and high school students on any pending assignments from that marking period. He added that the minimum number of required assignments for that grading period will also be waived.

“I realize that it would have been a nearly impossible feat for any students or staff members to attend to schoolwork under the conditions we have been experiencing,” says Gregorski.

The superintendent said the overlap between the end of the fourth six-week grading period, and the start of the fifth six-week grading period, in addition to students electing to change to face-to-face or virtual instruction, “may cause some delays or interruptions in transitioning students to newly-requested instructional models.”

Watch Katy ISD Superintendent's Video Message

The Superintendent discusses campus property damages, secondary grading cycles, UIL practices and schedules, and COVID-19 safety measures in this address to Katy ISD families.

Katy ISD Superintendent Ken Gregorski's video message to District families; source: Katy ISD

Boil Water Notices/Advisories Still in Effect

Currently, most of Katy and its surrounding communities are under a mandatory boil water notices/advisories, affecting many Katy schools, preschools, and daycares.

Harris County residents can enter their zip code at this site to see their boil water status.

Many Fort Bend County homes are also in water boil notices. While the older sections of Cinco Ranch are not, the newer section in Cinco Ranch West that includes MUD's 1-4 are.

“The District is still assessing that issue in case the boil water notice should extend,” says Maria DiPetta, Manager for Media Relations and Multimedia.

All COVID-19 safety protocols remain in effect as schools reopen to in-person and virtual on Monday.

The superintendent pointed out that many Katy ISD staff members have continued to work while still dealing with damage at their own homes.

“I cannot overemphasize my gratitude to the many Katy ISD staff members that have kept the District operational throughout this week’s weather crisis,” says Gregorski.


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