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Katy Man Still Missing; Family Fears for His Safety


January 29, 2022

Katy Magazine Editors

Longtime Katy resident Floyd Hayes was last seen a week ago and his family has yet to hear anything from him or law enforcement since they have filed him as a missing person.

UPDATE (January 31, 2022:) A body and Hayes' truck has been found at Cullen Park. The investigation is pending an autopsy to identify the body and cause of death.

Katy's Floyd "Man" Hayes is missing. Photo credit: The Hayes Family.

Katy Man Missing A Week Later

On January 22, 2022 Floyd “Man” Hayes stayed in Katy for a great nieces birthday party when his wife went to Austin to celebrate a goddaughter’s birthday.

UPDATE: On Sunday, January 30, 2022, park personnel at Cullen Park on Saums Road and Barker Cypress notified authorities of a vehicle that hasn't moved in several days. The truck matches that of the one that belongs to missing Katy man, Floyd "Man" Hayes.

A body was found wrapped in the bed of the pickup truck. Authorities said that the body was unrecognizable and that the investigation is pending autopsy results that will identify the body and cause of death.

Floyd was last seen on January 22, 2022.

Read all the updates here.

Nothing Could Tear Him Away from His Babies'

“He wanted to spend time with family because you just never know when things will change,” says his wife, Kristina Schmelter. “We both work but need to make sure we do the family stuff.”

Floyd and his wife Kristina.

This topic was one the couple had had many times in the new year. They have a lot of upcoming family plans including Floyd taking a grandson to the Monster Truck rally scheduled for this weekend and then a trip to Las Vegas to support their granddaughter who was competing with Katy’s Showcase Gymnastics competition team.

“Nothing could tear him away from his babies,” says Schmelter. But something did earlier this week.

Floyd “Man” Hayes, 63, was last seen at the Walgreens at 411 S. Mason Road, the 24-hour pharmacy at Mason and Provincial Road the evening of January 22, 2022.

Earlier that day he had gone to help a friend at Sunrise Drive in Katy. When working on a trailer the trailer collapsed on his hand and crushed it. Hayes still managed to go to his great nieces birthday party as planned where family, several of which are nurses expressed concern over his hand.

He went to a Katy Urgent Care and received treatment, including morphine for his hand injury. He waited to be picked up by a friend and then finally gave up and left the ER on his own.

He went to the pharmacy to fill his medication and then was last seen on video at 10:15pm at Ray’s Restaurant getting something to eat. See the video below for an accurate description of what he wore that evening.

Last Known Location on Sunrise Drive

His phone, which according to his wife always had location services on, was last pinged back at his friend’s home on Sunrise Drive between 10:40 p.m. and 10:59 p.m. During that time a call from his cell phone went to his family. They answered and an unknown males voice replied saying that it was a “butt call.” After that time location services was turned off his phone and his family has not been able to reach that number.

“I am so mad at the police and how they are handling this,” says Schmelter. She has worked with Katy Police Department (who the missing person report was filed with,) Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and as of this morning Waller County Police.

To her knowledge, police have not spoken to neighbors surrounding the last residence that her husband visited.

She and her family have done a lot of their own investigation work and have put together a timeline and map of his whereabouts that night, thanks to cell phone and Google technology.

His truck, a 2011 Black Suzuki Equator Truck license #KTC9326 is also missing. Below is a picture of a similar vehicle. It did have known damage on the front fender.

Call Authorities with Information

Anyone with information on this ongoing case is asked to reach out to the Katy Police Department at 281-391-4848 Case #2022-2055 Officer Allen.

Katy Magazine reached out to the Katy Police Department and did not get a response.

A Katy High School Graduate

Floyd Hayes attended Katy High School Class of '77 and was a star on the baseball team. He’s lived in Katy his entire life and is happy to be raising his family and grandbabies here.

He has a son and stepdaughter, who treats him as her father. Floyd and his wife have 3 grandsons, 3 granddaughters, a great grandson, 2 nephews, 2 great nephews, 5 nieces, and 4 great nieces.

Floyd Hayes has no history of dementia. He does take medication for high blood pressure.

“Man is a creature of habit,” says his wife. “He is always home to feed his two dogs and never misses a scheduled event with his babies. We need him home.”



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