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Katy Mills Mall Completes Interior Renovations, More to Come


April 26, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy Mills Mall has completed interior renovations that include the Disney Junior play area, a lounge, a bar at AMC Theatres, and a new aesthetic feel to the shopping experience.

Two-Part Mall Upgrades Ahead of Anniversary

The mall's upgrades were one of a two-part renovation that will see changes to the shopping mall ahead of its 20th anniversary this fall. The exterior renovations will start and be completed this year.

“We listened to our shoppers and recently completed a massive interior renovation to improve the shopping experience and solidify Katy Mills as a source of pride to the community,” Ross said.

Multi-million Development to Modernize Katy Mills

The multi-million-dollar development was announced by Simon Properties, the real estate leader who owns Katy Mills, in spring 2018 with their goal to modernize the almost 20-year-old Katy shopping staple.

“Our new, modern, bright and upscale look has been positively received with extra applause for our interactive Disney Junior play area, beautiful movie theater courtyard and upgraded holiday decor,” Ross said.

Play Area, Lounge, and Bar Among Changes

In August, guests got to first experience the new Disney Junior play area just down from AMC Theatres. The interactive area brings to life many of the favorite characters from the channel.

“My kids love the Disney Junior play area,” says Sharla Myers. “It’s a great addition to the mall and my son loves the cars and my daughter loves the Vampirina dance area.”

In addition to new leather recliners that guests can reserve at AMC Theatres, those 21 years and older can now order alcoholic beverages at the new McGuffin’s Bar. This modernizes the theater and makes it more competitive with other area theatres.

Mall walkers frequent the mall to escape the Katy heat. Now with new lighting, modern look, and no interior construction, many walkers can once again enjoy their workouts.

"It's entertaining," says Carolyn Cook. "The sights, the sounds, and don't forget all that window shopping. The time goes by fast when you are having fun. Always a good time when walking!"

Stay Tuned for Phase Two

Phase two of the renovation plans will involve construction and updates to the exterior of the building. These will both start and finish this year.

“We are finalizing details for our exterior improvements with expected start and completion dates within 2019,” Ross said. “Stay tuned for a special exterior announcement. “We have more in store in celebration of our 20th anniversary.”


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