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Katy Mom and Children Assaulted, Robbed at Gunpoint


November 8, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy mom was assaulted at gunpoint and robbed last night on Cimarron Parkway. Her two children were with her and her 4-year-old is bruised. Harris County Constables Precinct 5 recovered her belongings but still seek the suspect.

Katy Mom with 2 Children Assaulted, Robbed

A Katy mom who was assaulted and robbed on Cimarron Parkway last night is asking neighbors and the community if they saw anything on their home security cameras that could help authorities.

4-Year-Old is Bruised from Gun

The woman and her two children were “pistol whipped and robbed” as they were getting out of her car parked on Cimarron Parkway Sunday evening (November 7, 2021) between 6:15 p.m. and 7:15 p.m.

Her children are 12 and 4-years-old.

“I was holding my 4-year-old and he got hit when I was pistol whipped,” says the mom. “He’s got a bruise on his forehead, but otherwise ok.”

According to the woman, she and the male suspect got into a scuffle over her purse and her wallet fell out as he ran off.

Constables were able to recover her possessions further down on Cimarron Parkway. The suspect didn’t steal anything, but the ordeal greatly scared the Katy mom and her children.

Suspect Description

“He had a grey hoodie on with a blue bandeau type mask covering his nose and mouth,” she says. “He was about 5’9, youngish black male. I couldn’t make out any other distinguishing characteristics.”

The mom called 911 and the call went through to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. It took the Sheriff’s Office 4 hours to respond to her call.

“We have constables from precinct 5 that patrol the Cimarron neighborhood,” says the mom. “The constable saw him walking down the street but didn’t know that he was related to any incidents. The constables are the ones that found my personal belongings because someone in the neighborhood next to my apartments called about someone being in their yard riffling through a purse.”

Nothing Stolen

A constable returned her items and then took her statement while they waited for a deputy from the Sheriff’s office.

“Please send anything (camera footage) over so we can get this guy off the street and maybe I can feel safe coming home again,” says the mom.

Any information can be emailed to Deputy Esparza, with Harris County Sheriff's Office.

“We were definitely traumatized,” she says.



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