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Katy Mom Launches Art Scholarship to Honor Cinco Ranch Grad Killed in Car Crash


February 21, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy mom has launched a Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor her daughter, Cinco Ranch graduate Avery Forks, who died last year. The scholarship will help young female artists who want to pursue their dreams just as Avery was doing.

Avery Forks. Photo courtesy: Kara Dyson

Katy Mom Wants Daughter's Story to Make an Impact

“I really want people to hear Avery’s story and impact these young women moving forward to go for your goals, work hard, impact people’s lives, leave a beautiful mark on this world wherever you go and to whomever you come across,” says Avery’s mom, Kara Dyson.

Mom Created The Avery Forks Memorial Scholarship Fund

After her tragic death her mother felt called to do something to honor her daughter and give back in a big way. She set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for a scholarship and created a 501c3 organization, Avery Forks Memorial Scholarship Fund. They hope to award 3 female scholarship winners with $5,000 each to go towards an education in art.

She was pursuing her dream of being a talented tattoo artist in Colorado. She passed away in a traffic accident in Colorado on October 11, 2021 at the age of 20. The day she died; she performed her first two tattoos after completing her apprenticeship.

“Losing my girl, Avery, has been the most heartbreaking thing I have ever experienced,” says Dyson. The Dyson family has lived in Katy for 22 years. Forks graduated early from Cinco Ranch High School in December 2018, eager to start her art career.

Scholarship to Award 3 Female Artists $5,000

The scholarship will help young female artists who want to pursue their dreams just as Avery was doing.

“Avery’s hard work, talent, spirit and beautiful soul, I believe, could be best honored through the Avery Forks Memorial Scholarship Fund,” says Dyson.

Self portrait by Avery Forks showcasing her talent.

Dyson hopes to continue to raise money to add to the scholarship fund and increase the number of young women that her daughter’s legacy can help. Donations can be made online.

“All donations are for the scholarship and to honor Avery in this way by helping other young woman,” says Dyson.

More Than a Scholarship, Hope to Raise Awareness

Dyson wants to assist young artists in Avery's memory so they can pursue their dreams. She also wants to raise awareness by giving the scholarship recipients each a fire extinguisher, glass breaker, and seatbelt cutter. Avery was trapped in her car and these items could have saved her.

“She wasn’t prepared for what happened, neither were the several people who worked to save her life,” says Dyson. She hopes that by giving out such safety items could help save lives and raise awareness.

Dyson hopes to grow this memorial fund and use it to inspire and raise awareness.

Download the application below. The deadline is April 26, what would have been Avery’s 21st birthday. An awards banquet will be planned for May.

Avery Scholarship
Download PDF • 21KB

“I believe she would love this,” says Dyson. “I believe this honors my baby and would assist young women receive a small portion of the aid needed to pursue the opportunity she did.”

For more information, email

“It is our hope that this Fund blesses young women and families for years to come,” says Dyson. “We will not let her tragedy go without good coming from her story and life.”


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