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Katy Neighbors Injured After an ‘Unprovoked’ Shootout


April 24, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

A neighbor pulled a gun and shot his fellow Katy neighbor in what is being described as an unprovoked attack Saturday night in the Westgreen Park subdivision across from Kelliwood. From there a shootout followed resulting in three being injured and charges filed on the first shooter.

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Harris County Precinct 5 Constable Deputies responded to reports of gunfire Saturday night at around 12:30 a.m. at the 21200 block of Branford Hills Lane near Westgreen Boulevard in the Westgreen Park subdivision across from Kelliwood. The case is now under investigation by Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

According to authorities, a Katy male resident pulled out a gun and opened fire on two brothers who lived next door to him. The shooter is described to have been possibly experiencing a mental health crisis and shot one of the brothers that he fired at.

Investigators said that these neighbors had known each other for many years and there has never been reports of an issue. The shooting is said to have been “unprovoked” and “without warning.”

As a result of the shooting, the victim’s brother pulled his gun and opened fire hitting the shooter and also being injured.

Two of those wounded were sent to a local hospital by Life Flight and the third went by ground. According to authorities all are expected to recover.

According to the HCSO, the shooter is expected to face two charged of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This case is still under investigation.

The identities of the shooter and victims have not been released by authorities.

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