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Katy Parents Share Hysterical Virtual School Zoom Fails


September 1, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

From virtual house tours to showing their favorite pets, some Katy kids have truly embraced Zooming. Katy ISD families had to adjust to online classes to kick off the 2020-21 school year. But what they hadn’t planned for was being part of “show and tell” for their child’s class.

Katy Mom Kim Lord works to keep both kids focused on their various Zoom sessions. Photo courtesy: Kim Lord

Bringing the classroom into Katy homes was destined to create some funny moments. As students enthusiastically welcome their teachers and classmates into their world, some families have become an open book. What could go wrong?



Katy parents confess they've been caught on Zoom, had dishes in the sink, and most of all, were only human.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

“My daughter came running in the room with that iPad right as I stepped out of the shower trying to get me to sign her on,” says Katy Mom Lauren Flemming. “Pretty sure the whole class saw me wrapped in an Elsa towel.”

Lauren Flemming's daughter surprised her while in a towel! Photo courtesy: Lauren Flemming

“My 2nd grader was on a Zoom call, and my pre-k-er came up and sat in her lap while I was washing dishes,” says Kim Lord. “The little one wasn’t wearing pants, so her teacher turned off the video."


Pet Cameos

Parents and younger siblings aren’t the only ones experiencing laughs and embarrassments. Now, some family pets are attending class too.

“My kid used the cat’s arms to raise his hands and give thumbs up to his whole class,” says Sarah Riggs.

Kristie Nesser took to Katy Magazine’s Facebook page to share her child’s funny cat cameo. “The first day, the first class my youngest tried to show them our cat and she attacked him,” says Nesser, who stressed that both her child and cat were fine.

Yellow lab, Princess Belle attends each one of Angelina Clark's Zoom sessions.


More Katy Zoom Laughs

“My youngest got in trouble because his older brother walked by during Zoom and said, ‘A&M is trash.’”

“My toddler gave a house tour when the house was a huge mess. He was showing off dirty dishes, mess all over the floor in messy rooms.”


“My first grader fell asleep during Zoom.”

“My son’s teacher asked what places we can find germs at, and he literally took a booger out and showed it to her.”

“Sometimes they talk funny stuff, or a child yelling in the bathroom, ‘Mom we ran out of toilet paper!’”

“I had an unfortunate and unexpected gas issue when we thought the teacher lost signal. Turns out she didn’t. Just video. So, I could’ve easily blamed it on my kid or the dog, but my son yelled, ‘Oh Mom you stank!’”

Can you relate? As slightly over half of Katy students opt to continue with virtual learning when in-person classes resume on September 8, the hilarity of at-home learning is bound to go on.

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