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Katy Private Schools, Charter School, and Home School Options

Katy is home to three renowned public school districts (Katy ISD, Cy-Fair ISD and Lamar Consolidated ISD), that offer numerous academic and athletic options for local students. Katy parents always a fit for all children, and some thrive better in an non-traditional educational setting. Here's our guide to Katy area charter schools, private schools, and home school resources in Katy.


By Jennifer Lynn Greenway



Katy is home to many private schools and as the population grows so do the choices. Private schools typically have a smaller classroom which appeals to many parents. Some programs are faith based and incorporate religious aspects and volunteerism into the curriculum.

Tuition for a private school in Katy for Kindergarten through 12th grade runs the gamut in Katy, ranging from $6,000 to $28,000 per year, depending on the school and grade. The cost generally covers tuition, books, technology and other classroom essentials, but you have have extra costs in uniforms or enrollment fees. Some Katy area private schools offer a tuition assistance program for families in need.


2203 North Westgreen Blvd. Katy, TX 77449



2225 Porter Rd, Katy, TX 77493




Charter schools are a free, public school open to everyone. Although a public school, charter schools only get 2/3 of the state taxes that the public schools receive and no city taxes. Due to this, charter schools have fundraising efforts throughout the year to make up the difference.

Charter schools usually have a special curriculum in fields such as the arts, technology, and mathematics, and they provide a better education than what is provided for by public schools. As such, many students vie for a spot in a charter school. Charter schools are open to everyone including 504 students. (504 students are children on a special education plan due to extra assistance needed for learning disabilities such as Dyslexia or attention problems such as ADHD). One Katy parent who is vying for a spot in Kindergarten for the 2019-2020 school year did a lot of research before choosing Aristoi. "I chose a charter school because I feel my son would flourish better in a smaller school setting and I like that the school believes that a great education includes educating the heart and soul as well," says Ashley, a Kindergarten parent.

At Aristoi Classical Academy, registration for the next school year goes on through February. On March 1, per state rules, a lottery takes place where a student is either put in a classroom or on the waiting list. Charter schools have grown in popularity. In the case of Aristoi, the school expanded to include K-12 and enrollment in the past eight years has grown over 300%.


5618 Eleventh St. Katy, TX 77493 I 281-391-5003


A link to all private school's website are listed below:



Out of all the types of schools available to Katyites, Home schooling has by far become the fastest growing option, even with top notch public schools. Parents chose homeschooling for various reasons such as freedom to teach what the child is most interested in, scheduling student extracurricular activities like dance, or because a child has special needs that requires and a parent who prefers a home education setting.

Christine, a Katy mom, has been homeschooling her two daughters for years now. The girls were first in Katy ISD and then at a charter school. In public education, she found holes in her daughter's education and when she would ask about the gaps the answers Christine was given did not make sense. After trying a charter school education for a year, which she praises, Christine decided homeschooling would work best for her girls.

Christine and her husband re-evaluate homeschooling yearly as well as get input from their daughters but don't see anything changing in the future. Their daughters are very happy with their education. Although there is not state testing required for home schooled children, Christine's daughters test one to two grades above their grade level consistently.

Online classes are available in the homeschooling community or a parent can chose strictly in-person teacher instruction.

Here are additional home schooling resources to check:


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