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Katy Race Car Driver Represents City with Heart and Drive


March 15, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


Katy race car driver Ty Hymel hopes to bring a championship home to Katy this season, but says racing is so much more than the thrill of the speed. It’s about representing the sport, and more importantly his hometown of Katy, Texas.

Photo courtesy of Ty Hymel.


“I’ve had a passion for racing ever since I was three years old I used to go over to my grandparents house to watch the NASCAR races, and I fell in love with it ever since all I’ve ever known and wanted to do is be a race car driver,” says race car driver Ty Hymel.


Hymel, 23, is a Katy High School 2019 graduate. He was on the Katy High School varsity golf team, but racing has always been his dream.


It’s amazing to look back at when I was 14 years old buying my first race car,” says race car driver Ty Hymel. “It seems like only yesterday I was sitting at Katy High School in class, knowing that I was gonna be able to fulfill my dream of racing. I don’t think I got much work done that day.”


2024 is Ty Hymel’s ninth season of racing stock cars, which is NASCAR for non-racing fans. Races are an easy drive from Katy and Hymel loves to greet fans and offer autographs. Hymel races at Houston Motorsports Park. His next race is May 4, 2024 and the season goes through November.


This last week Hymel finished 3rd after a rough start full of mechanical issues.


“It was a really big accomplishment to drive through the field for us and in our first race of the season just really set our tone of what our expectations are going to be this year,” says Hymel.


This season Hymel’s goal is to bring home a championship to Katy.


“The goal this year is doing what I need to do every single race in order to put myself in the best position to win a championship this year,” says Hymel. A championship is the one thing missing from his resume.


Hymel loves introducing Katy to the world of racing and understands that to many this is a new sport. However, he fell in love with racing and launched his dream right her in Katy. That is why he loves supporting the next Katy racing generation. And he’s happy to offer advice.


Hymel stresses that you cannot be afraid of the word “no,” because you will hear it from sponsors, crews, other drivers, and more.


“You have to be ok with hearing no and understanding that just because one door closes does not mean that one isn’t about to open,” says Hymel.

Hymel loves his hometown of Katy and often attends local events with race car. Recently he was a fan favorite at Central Green Park’s H-Town Sports Day.


“I just love Katy,” says Hymel. “I love how it’s a community that rallies behind people whether they succeed or not. Katy never lets Katy down.”

He’s thankful for his sponsors: NBD graphics, Hannas and Proft, orthodontics, spic and span trash cans, and Fertig fertilizing.


 Look for Ty Hymel and The 54 Lonestar Legacy car at the following upcoming races at Houston Motorsport.


“I love to get people excited about racing in my community and really give back to the city,” says Hymel. “I love meeting new faces people that never even knew racing was a part of Katy, Texas and being able to bring that to them.”


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