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Renovations Underway at Katy’s Brookshire Brothers, Store Remains Open


October 20, 2020

By Jennifer Miko

When the Brookshire Brothers marquee was recently taken down, many Katy residents were concerned. The Old Katy grocery store isn't closing, but instead, is getting a new look – inside and out.

Photo: Veronica Miko

The Lufkin-based, employee-owned grocery chain selected the Katy store, located at 5249 Franz Road, for its latest remodel, investing more than $2 million for the upgrades. Construction started last Monday and should be completed by December.

“Removing the sign definitely caught people off guard,” says Manager Kyle Joseph. But he reminds loyal customers, “It’s still Brookshire Brothers, and we didn’t go anywhere.”

As long as the weather cooperates, the new sign should upgrade the exterior of the store by the end of the week.

Joseph joined the Katy Brookshire Brothers in January and has been with the company for 17 years. He’s seen other stores post-upgrade and is very excited about the transformation of this location.

“The company is putting a lot of money in here to make this store a place people want to go to for the long run,” says Joseph.

Getting a New Look

Although the regular entrance to the Katy Brookshire Brothers is currently blocked off, the store remains open for business as usual. Joseph says workers are doing most of the construction overnight to keep the floors clear for the customers during the day.

Photo: Veronica Miko

After the renovations, the store will feature upgrades to enhance the shopping experience for customers. A coffee shop, complete with a full-service espresso bar and seating will be added near the bakery. The menu will include custom-made lattes, cappuccinos, shakes, and fruit smoothies.

The current Market Street Café, near the deli, will be transformed into a closed-off wine room. Joseph says tastings will be available after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. (Photo: Veronica Miko)

Customers can also look forward to a full salad bar (available post-COVID-19), pizza oven, new display cases, and more convenient layouts in the bakery and produce sections.

The popular deli area will also be enlarged. Plus, customers will be able to pick up freshly-smoked, barbecued meats, including brisket, ribs, sausage, and beef jerky, made in-house.

Many Katy residents appreciate their hometown supermarket, making it a favorite among locals.

“Brookshire Brothers grocery store in Old Katy is like the not-rushed, simple shopping you grew up with, and you always seem to meet a friend or neighbor inside,” says Chris Harris.

New Services to Come

On November 16, the store will launch Brookshire Brothers Anywhere, the company’s online shopping experience, to provide curbside and home-delivery grocery service.

"When you start adding all of these facilities, floor to ceiling, the store is going to be nice,” says Joseph. “It’s definitely exciting.”


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