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Katy Teen Lands Lead Role in New TV Show

Seventeen-year-old Savannah May is living her dreams in Los Angeles as a cast member for the new Nickelodeon show, Knight Squad.

KATY MAGAZINE | February 2018

By Ashley Lancaster

Opening photo by Getty Images, story photography courtesy of Savannah May

In the fall of 2016, Savannah May left her hometown of Katy, Texas and moved to Burbank, California to pursue a career in the spotlight.

An accomplished, singer, dancer, and actor, May, now 17, knew that her future lay in performing. Most days, she attended Gateway America Preparatory, going on auditions and taking voice, dance, and acting lessons in her spare time. But it wasn't long until she got a big break.

Trial by fire

In October of 2016, May's agent called and gave her the good news that she had secured an audition for the pilot of a show called Knight Squad on Nickelodeon. "I went through weeks and weeks of auditions, callbacks and network tests for the role. The week after thanksgiving my agent and manager called me and told me I got the part! I started as a reoccurring role and have since become a series regular," says May.

Squad goals

Knight Squad is an American comedy television series geared toward teens and pre-teens that centers around young knights in training at a magical academy. May, who plays the character of Buttercup, appears in 13 episodes of the pilot season according to IMDB.

"I would definitely describe Buttercup as the happy and joyful one in Knight School. Nothing really fazes her and she will do anything to please her best friend and squad mate, Sage. Even though at times she can be a little ditsy, she is always ready for a battle," says May of her character.

Living in Los Angeles Now that May is busy filming the show, she has relocated to LA to stay close to the studio. According to her, it's very different from growing up in Katy, but there's a lot to love. "Getting to see the studios and all of the iconic spots is so cool! It kinda feels like you’re in a movie! I also love the weather. It’s always sunny and it’s never too hot!"

Catch the premier of Knight Squad on Nickelodeon in February or March 2018, but you can get updates on the official airing day by following Savannah May on Instagram, @savannahlmay.


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