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Katy Welcomes First Female Eagle Scouts


October 17, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Four young women became the first female Eagle Scouts in the Katy district, and in the country, since Boy Scouts of America started chartering girls into the program in 2019.

Earlier this month, four members of Katy’s all-female Boy Scout Troop 1584 earned the highest honor within the program. They are the first girl Eagle Scouts in the Katy area and all began their journey as part of the first class in the group.

Since February of last year, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) allowed girls to participate in their program. These remarkable young women are not affiliated with Girl Scouts, but instead, are part of the very first group of female Eagle Scouts in the country.

Martha Fields

Organized a Canned Good Drive

Martha Fields organized a canned food drive to benefit Katy Christian Ministries for her Eagle Scout project.

“I chose this project because I saw the need for food increase during the growth of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Fields. “Many families did not have the access to food that they used to because of closed schools and reduced income.”

Fields was humbled to work on a project that helped her community on such a local level.

“Achieving the Eagle Scout rank is an accomplishment that takes hard work and dedication, regardless of the gender of the individual pursuing it,” says Fields. “I am very proud of all the young men and women who have received this award and who will continue to do so.”

Fields hopes that her accomplishment will inspire others.

“To all the other young ladies aspiring to receive their Eagle, don't ever, ever give up, and learn to look on the bright side in every situation you encounter,” says Fields.


Elizabeth C. Kagay

Made 150 Face Masks

Elizabeth Kagay led a team of Scouts and volunteers in making 150 face masks to donate to the TMCA Camp Cinco. This camp provides daycare for children of front-line workers who fought the pandemic last summer.

“I am thrilled to be among the first females to earn the prestigious Eagle rank,” says Kagay, who also has a brother in the program. “I feel very lucky that the timing of the welcoming of females into Scouts BSA occurred shortly after my brother crossed over from being a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout,” explains Kagay.

“Even as a sibling in Cub Scouts, I really felt included; the whole family was welcomed at meetings, activities and campouts,” says Kagay, who even has her own collection of Pinewood Derby cars to remind her of those fun memories.

“If it wasn't for the change allowing females to participate in Scouts BSA, I would have felt like I was losing a very meaningful activity,” says Kagay. “Having the opportunity to participate in Scouts BSA has been an amazing journey which will continue on for me, as I have many more Scouting goals ahead.”

She also plays the flute in the Katy High School marching band, competes in Destination Imagination, sings at church and enjoys taking engineering classes.

“I want other girls in Scouting to know that Scouts BSA is an organization where you will find people who will be your life-long friends,” says Kagay. “You will find youth and adults who will help you learn skills that will be valuable to you in school, family life, and career; you will be part of a group where you can explore new adventures outside of your comfort zone and not be afraid of failing; and most importantly it is fun.” 


Anna C. Libiez

Designed a Shade Structure for a Church

For her Eagle Scout project Anna Libiez designed a shade structure for benches at her church.

“I really liked the challenge to design something unique to solve a problem,” says Libiez. “I wanted to give back to my local community and church and improve their facilities for the teachers and kids.”

While she sees the honor of being in the first female Eagle Scout class, Libiez doesn’t see herself as being any different from her male counterparts.

“The skills I learned and developed in earning the Eagle Scout rank are relevant for girls as well as boys,” says Libiez.

She also appreciates the opportunity that BSA presented to her and other females.

“The entire Scouts BSA program has exactly the same requirements for girls as for boys, so I don't consider my achievement any greater because I am female,” says Libiez.  “I am just thankful that Scouts BSA opened its doors to girls at the right moment in history that I could participate.”


Zoe McArthur

Built Cornhole Sets for a Camp

Zoe McArthur is a Katy homeschooler who chose to build cornhole sets for YMCA Camp Cinco, a program she participated in as a child.

“I spent summers there as a child and knew they would need things to use while keeping small groups and that implemented social distancing,” says McArthur.

McArthur feels she can be an example to other young woman. “

I want to show them that we are just as capable as anyone else to earn this prestigious award,” says McArthur. “We can enjoy camping, hiking, climbing, welding, astronomy, fitness and more, just as much as anyone else.”

Outside of scouting McArthur enjoys spending time with her pets and loves to paint.

“I love reptiles and plan to specialize in Herpetology when I go to college,” says McArthur.

She wants other girls to know that there is someone out there to help them if this is a path they want.

“The outdoors and conservation are for everyone,” says McArthur. “We all need to learn to be good citizens and stewards. If they try scouting, they might be surprised by what they learn and achieve.”


The Katy Boy Scouts of America Troop 1584 is an all-female troop that meets at the Cinco Ranch Church of Christ in Katy.


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