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Local Law Enforcement Agencies Support Katy Anti Sex-Trafficking Movement


August 30, 2018

Ashley Lancaster

As the date of Childproof America's Parent Empowerment Seminar draws closer, local law enforcement agencies are giving the group their cooperation, expertise, and support.

Tomorrow, August 31, representatives from four local law enforcement agencies will meet local press to answer questions and spread the word about Childproof America's Back to School Parent Empowerment Seminar on September 8.

Present will be Houston Police Department Captain James Dale, Human Trafficking Unit, Vice Division, Constable Wayne Thompson, Fort Bend Pct. 3, Johna M. Stallings, Harris County D.A., and Tyler Dunman, Assistant D.A. Chief of Special Crimes Bureau, Montgomery County.

The briefing will discuss the dangers of domestic child sex trafficking in our area and give information about the prevention seminar. Police are putting the full weight of their support behind organizations like Childproof America to combat child sex trafficking and inform parents of the danger it poses to our community.


Saturday, September 8, 2018 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Wyndham Energy Corridor 14703 Park Row Dr., Houston

Parents and community members are invited a comprehensive overview of an issue recently declared a “public health crisis” by Governor Abbott. Topics include discussions about the definition of sex-trafficking, Six stages of grooming, international vs. domestic trafficking, physiochemical affects of pornography on a developing brain, and more. Guest speakers include representatives from the Homeland Security Advisory Council, Love People Not Pixels, and more. Register here.


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