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Lost 5-year-old Katy Boy Finds His Way Home with the Help of Deputy


June 15. 2018

By Jennifer Skelton

An alert neighbor in Memorial Parkway called Harris County Sheriff Constable Precinct 5 when she noticed a little boy walking alone on Thursday evening past dark.

Precinct 5 Deputy Kimberly Burkett, responding to the call, made sure the five-year-old was not hurt. She then walked with him down the street, in the general direction of his home, until they found his worried mother looking for him.

There were some tears along the way, but we are happy to say the little boy is safe and sound back home tonight.

Incidents like this are not uncommon, especially in the summer with kids out of school. Below are several tips for parents and caregivers to help with wandering children.

1. Secure your home with locks/latches located at the top of doors, that children can't easily access. Always have latches secure while indoors. The latches are available at any home store such as Home Depot.

2. Outdoor fences should have a secure gate that can be locked to avoid children getting out or unwanted people getting in a backyard.

3. Keep car doors locked so that if a child does wander, they don't get stuck in a car. Cars are exciting and enticing places for children to get in.

4. Know your neighbors and exchange contact information. If your child has a history of wandering, inform neighbors so they can keep an eye out and contact you immediately if they see suspicious activity.

5. When your child is outside, check on them periodically. Children can very easily get lost and turned around...even children as old as 10-12 years old have been known to become lost.

6. If your child is missing, call 9-1-1 immediately. Police can help look for a child more efficiently than a parent who is emotionally upset and they have broader resources.

The citizens of Katy can always count on the Harris County Constable's Office to be there and help when called!


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