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Mail Thief Caught on Katy Home Security Camera


December 12, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy resident in West Memorial caught a mail thief stealing her outgoing mail from her mailbox over the weekend. Mail theft is a federal crime.

Screen shot courtesy of Amber Hebert.

Thief Caught on Home Security Camera

“We have a Ring mailbox sensor that notifies us when the mailbox is opened,” says Katy resident Amber Hebert. “Our front camera also starts recording then.”

Hebert’s camera filmed the thief taking her outgoing mail from her mailbox off Elsinore in West Memorial. This happened around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. The vehicle in the film appears to be a white Chevy Equinox.

Ring Doorbell camera footage provided by Amber Hebert.

Mail Theft, Tampering is a Federal Crime

The theft of or tampering of mail is considered a federal crime and those found guilty can receive up to 180 days in jail to 10 years in prison. Judges can also issue a fine from $4,000 to $10,000 and more if mail was stolen from the elderly or disabled.

“We reported it to the local constables,” says Hebert. “They immediately drove in the direction of the white car but didn’t see anything.”

Protect Your Mail

  • Mail theft does happen, but there are some steps Katy residents can take to protect their mail.

  • Find out when mail gets delivered and pick it up within the hour.

  • Have a neighbor pick up your mail if you’re unavailable.

  • Request a mail hold when going on vacation or ask a neighbor to collect it.

  • Arrange for a private box at the local post office.

“I will no longer use my mailbox for outgoing mail,” says Hebert.

The Hebert family has lived in Katy for about 8 years.

"We haven't experienced mail theft until now, but we’ve caught several things on camera like package thieves, attempted car burglaries, people hiding on the side of our house, etc." says Hebert.


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