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Many Katy Residents Still in the Dark; Hurricane Beryl Recovery Begins


July 9, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


Yesterday, the Katy area took a direct hot from Hurricane Beryl. The historic storm, a first of its kind this yearly in a Hurricane Season, still has many Katy residents in the dark as the city starts to recover today.

Photo credit: Kayla Crigger


Hurricane Beryl took aim at Katy yesterday as a category 1 hurricane, a first of its kind this early in the Hurricane Season. Wind guests reached over 70 mph as the intense wind and rainstorm caused widespread power outages, flash floods, and littered debris throughout the city.


While CenterPoint continues to work around the clock to restore power (and they have for many) a lot of Katy residents are still in the dark today.


Katy communities such as Falcon Ranch, Green Trails, Silver Ranch, Cardiff Ranch, Nottingham Country, Canyon Gate, West Memorial, Firethorne, parts of Cinco Ranch, Seven Meadows, parts of Churchill Farms, and many more remain without power.


Power outages are of a great concern today as the weather is expected to reach heat advisory levels.


On top of power outages, many remain without internet and/or poor cell phone coverage.


1-10 near Bucc-ees. Photo credit: Thao Williams

Power Hopeful to be Restored by Tomorrow

A CenterPoint representative states that they hope to have over 2 million people back with power by the end of day Wednesday.


Local authorities share that while roads have mostly cleared from flooding, many still have downed trees and debris and downed powerlines. It is important to know that no one should approach a downed powerline. If residents see one, they are instructed to notify 911.


What to Do with Tree Damage

If you have downed trees, you should do what you are able to minimize future damage but do take good pictures so that you can accurately report to your insurance company.


Many local non-profits are making efforts to help residents. Katy Christian Ministries is offering a Disaster Relief Community Food Fair today starting at 9:00 a.m. at Powerhouse Church (1818 Katyland Drive.)

Hurricane Season Prep

Katy is still early in this year's Hurricane Season. It's important to be prepared before the next storm. Learn more about essential Hurricane prep from Katy officials here.

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