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Meet Fort Bend County ‘Sheriff for Everyone,’ Eric Fagan


March 1, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan enters his third month in office after leading the county through a historic winter storm. He praises those he serves with while tackling concerns on statistics, gender discrimination, community and law enforcement relations, and more all while making time for his family, faith, and Batman.

A Life-Long Lawman

Sheriff Eric Fagan, a life-long lawman, has lived in Fort Bend County for 29 years. He’s a family man of strong faith with a passion to serve. His strongest message could be that of hope and he is living by example.

A Message of Hope

“Put the work in and you can do it,” says Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan.

Politics was never the plan for the 60-year-old lawman. From a young age, Fagan desired to be more than what statistics held for him. He stresses a message of hope to those he meets, especially youth.

“Don’t let statistics tell you what kind of person you should be,” says Sheriff Fagan. “I was raised by my mom in a low-income area, statistically I should be in prison. I shouldn’t have my master’s.”

Sherriff Fagan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science degree in Juvenile Forensic Psychology from Prairie View A&M University.

He’s been an officer for over 34 years and longtime Houston Police Officer. During his time on patrol, he handled murder, domestic violence, assault, mental health incidents and more.

“I really saw the benefit of proactive programs vs. reactive programs such as my time as a D.A.R.E. Officer,” says Sheriff Fagan. “I feel it’s programs like that that get law enforcement out into the community working in a positive light with who we protect that can make a big impact.”

What Inspired Him to Run?

So, what inspired a longtime lawman to get into politics?

“I kept hearing some alarming statements,” says Sheriff Fagan. “Statements like, that Fort Bend County doesn’t have human trafficking or gangs is open season to those criminals.”

“The last administration didn’t report all the statistics,” says Sheriff Fagan. “Our crime rate isn’t going up. I’m just reporting it.”

FBCSO has already arrested 18 people in human trafficking since Fagan has become sheriff.

Sheriff Fagan is the first African American Fort Bend County Sheriff in 150 years. Although this historic fact was discussed around his January 2 inauguration, and also last month (Black Heritage Month), he chose not to highlight this point during his campaign.

A Sheriff for Everyone

“I never mentioned it while campaigning because I didn’t want that to be why people voted for me,” says Sheriff Fagan. “This isn’t about race but merit. Not about color but about what people do.”

“I’m the sheriff for everyone,” he stresses.

While race discrimination is an ongoing concern, another issue that Sheriff Fagan hopes to address is gender discrimination.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a room where a female employee has made a suggestion and then right after a male makes the same suggestion and it’s not until he says it that the idea gets attention. I’m like, ‘She just said that,’” says Sheriff Fagan.

The new sheriff also recognizes the importance of his mission to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement.

“This community needs to know that we are working with them and not against them,” says Sheriff Fagan.

One of his plans enforces hiring the best officers. Sheriff Fagan has extensive experience in recruiting and plans to use that knowledge to his advantage.

“Our agency shouldn’t slack on who we are hiring,” says Sheriff Fagan. “We need the best officers to protect our families.”

Recently, the staff at the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office was put to the test as the area experienced historic winter storms and damage.

“I have to praise the men and women with FBCSO during the winter storms,” says Sheriff Fagan. “They had families, they had busted pipes, but they 100% showed up.”

Sheriff Fagan also praises dispatch in their outstanding work.

“I did what I asked of them,” says Sheriff Fagan. “I didn’t go home for Valentine’s Day. I slept here keeping the county and people we serve safe.”

A Family Man

Though he may be the new sheriff in town, Eric Fagan is above all, a family man and a man of faith.

Sheriff Eric Fagan and his wife, Jacqueline.

“My family and my faith keep me going,” he says.

For 36 years, he has been married to his best friend and high school sweetheart, Jacqueline Fagan. Together they have a daughter, Dr. Fallon Fagan and a son, who died in a car accident in 2013.

While he is short on free time these days, Fagan admits his hobby and passion outside of family, God, and the law is…comic books. Specifically, DC Comics.

“Batman can beat Superman and he has,” says Sheriff Fagan confidently. “I have over 500 comic books.”

Perhaps it gives us a glimpse of a young boy who always wanted to grow up to be the hero.

Sheriff Fagan, like all of Fort Bend County and its surrounding areas, is happy to be out of the freeze and ready to tackle the work ahead. He has plans and projects and is ready to work for the people of the county.

“I have more bosses than ever before because I work for you,” says Sheriff Fagan. “Fort Bend County is the most diverse but the most open-hearted. I am so proud of what we are.”


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