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Miller Career Center to Hold Virtual Open House, Student Programs Offer Discounted Services


January 31, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD’s Miller Career and Technology Center will hold its first Virtual Open House this week. The community is invited to log on and learn about the amazing student programs and inexpensive services offered.

Virtual Open House This Tuesday

Katy ISD’s Miller Career and Technology Center (MCTC) currently has 1,150 students enrolled. They look to expand that number and educate the Katy community about their programs at their first virtual open house this Tuesday, February 2, 6:30 p.m.- 7:30p.m. Residents who want to learn more about the Miller Career Center may do so safely.

Specialized Career and Tech Programs

MCTC offers specialized career and technical service programs to Katy ISD junior and seniors. Students attend these half-day programs while still attending classes at their home campuses. They can still participate in extracurricular activities such as football, band, etc.

See flyer for a full list of programs.

Pandemic Adjustments

Like all Katy ISD programs, MCTC has had to make adjustments during the pandemic but has found a way to keep the programs going.

“All students enrolled in courses at MCTC are attending their classes in-person due to the advanced equipment and heavy hands-on experiences the courses require,” says MCTC Principal Kelley Kirila. “Some of MCTC’s internship-based courses have had to reimagine the way students gain industry experience, simulating more field-based situations in lab spaces on campus.”

Some programs have restricted public interaction due to the pandemic.

“We are hoping to re-open the salon to the community soon,” says Kirila.

Fortunately, other MCTC students can still gain real world experience. The veterinary, automotive, and culinary programs offer discounted, quality services to the Katy community.

The Old Town Bistro, located on the MCTC campus, is part of the Culinary Arts program. On select days, the student-run café offers the public grab-and-go lunches and family meals.

Follow the Old Town Bistro Facebook page for menu offerings and dates to order meals. Orders can be placed through this link.

The MCTC Automotive Shop is also offering services and free estimates at this time.

Services include:

  • Oil and Filter Change - $5

  • Replace Air Filters - $5

  • Cooling System Service- $10

  • Tire Rotation - $10

  • Front Brake Job - $40

  • Rear Brake Job - $40

  • 2 Wheel Alignment - $40

  • 4 Wheel Alignment - $60

  • Automotive Transmission Service - $40

  • Rear Differential Service - $20

  • All other services - $20 per hour as determined by Alldata

Call 281-273-6323 or email for more information.

The Vet MED Program is also offering services to the community. Choose from one of four packages to pamper your dog.

  • Spa Package ($20) - Bath, brush, dry, ear cleaning, and nail trim

  • Spa Package Plus ($35) - Full body haircut or hygienic clipping

  • Deluxe Package ($25) - Bath, brush, dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, anal gland expression, and teeth brushing

  • Deluxe Package Plus ($40) - Full body haircut or hygienic clipping

Call 281-237-6323 or email for appointments.

Click here for the schedule for Tuesday’s open house. Each teacher will discuss their program for 15 minutes.

To attend the virtual open house, visit the MCTC website. Call 281-237-6300 if you have any questions.


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