New Historic Rice Dryer Owner’s Goals Aligned with Katy Heritage Society


July 19, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

The Cardiff Rice Dryer, a Katy landmark for over half a century, has a new owner. Work can actively be seen causing much excitement about what that could mean for the community. While the new owner remains anonymous, residents are assured that history and care are being considered.

Photo courtesy: Katy Heritage Society

A Passion Project

Katy is a buzz with the news of the dryer being restored and ideas of what it could become for the public. However, this is described as a “passion project” and will take a lot of time to clean the dryer up and get rid of remnants of pests and evidence of trespassers.

The public can look forward to a great future for the dryer, an iconic symbol to Katy’s history and the symbol most commonly associated with Katy’s “skyline.”

What Do We Know about the New Owner?

“I feel that he (the new owner) is the perfect person for this project,” says Adrienne Davitz, President of the Katy Heritage Society.

The new owner recently started a social media campaign to keep Katy residents in formed on the progress. He wishes to remain anonymous at this because this is a job and he wants to stay focused on it, his other projects, and his family.

According to Davitz, the new owner is a developer who lives just outside of Katy. This is unlike any project he’s ever done but Davitz says that for him in is a “passion project.”

He also has a son who is a graduate of Katy High School and the family is involved in the community.

The new owner is not associated with No Label Brewing Company, the popular local brewery and hangout that sits in the shadow of the dryer.

“I was very nervous originally when the Cardiff family put the rice dryer