Structures at Katy Heritage Park Named “Historical,” Future Renovations Must Respect History


July 13, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

The Katy City Council unanimously approved an ordinance last night that designates Katy Heritage Park structures historical. This protects and respects Katy’s history.

Katy Heritage Park and historical homes. Photo credit: Katy Heritage Society

New Ordinance Protects Katy History

A new ordinance that designates the structures at Katy Heritage Park as historical was passed last night at the Katy City Council Meeting. Every councilmember voted for the bill.

“This is a huge step in protecting Katy history and we are grateful,” says Adrienne Davitz, President of Katy Heritage Society.

The ordinance will allow restorations and renovations to have minimal impact that will protect their historical integrity.

“The new ordinance simply exempts the Katy Heritage Society’s historic homes at Katy Heritage Park from building codes that would change their historic appearance,” says Chris Harris, Katy Mayor Pro Tem.

Harris explains that the exception is if there is a life safety issue that the city determines. Otherwise, the society can have repairs that won’t change the original look.

Davitz describes this as being a “monumental decision” that will greatly help the society renovate while protecting historical Katy structures.