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Tigers Football – A Katy Family Tradition – Heading to the State Championships


January 15, 2021

By Jennifer Miko

Katy High School football fans wear red, love Coach Joseph, and know they belong to a special Tigers family. Throughout the history of this stellar program, the family tree has grown, and this year’s varsity team features siblings making a name for themselves and continuing a legacy.

The Katy High School Tigers football team heads to Arlington Saturday, January 16 for the 6A Division II State Championships. They face the Cedar Hill Longhorns in AT&T Stadium at 1 p.m. Katy, ranked 19th nationally in the MaxPreps Top 25, continues its journey on the road to nine state championships.

Last week, the Tigers crushed Hays (Buda, TX) 63-7 at Baylor University's McLane Stadium in Waco. The semi-finals victory lifted them to 13-1 for the season. The team has won their last seven games, showing more confidence and power with each matchup.

All in the Family

The Davis brothers will have family in the stands cheering for them, as well as their parents’ friends from high school and college. The dynamic offensive duo has dominated this season. Jalen, a senior, and Seth, a sophomore, have catapulted the Tigers' running game and put lots of points on the board.

Tigers Head Coach Gary Joseph has had other brothers playing on the team at the same time. He admits that each pair of siblings have been different, but they all have pulled for each other.

When asked about similarities between the Davis brothers, Coach Joseph says, “They complement each other very well. Jalen is more physical while Seth is a little quicker.”

Pictured left to right: Jalen, Don, and Seth Davis. Photo: Michele Davis

When they’re not on the field, Don Davis said his sons watch game films together and train to make sure they’re ready for competition.

“They support each other,” says their mother Michele Davis. “If one is slacking the other is motivating the other. They have to be disciplined to be student athletes.”

At first, Michele Davis said she was in awe watching Seth and Jalen on the field together but says she’s more comfortable now.

“It’s very exciting watching them get to share the backfield at the same time,” says Michele Davis.

“It was really exciting watching Jalen and Seth play together this season because they got to mentor each other and play unselfishly with that common goal to get to the State Championship,” says their father.

Coach Joseph 'Sets High Standards'

Don Davis said Coach Joseph helped the boys from the very beginning because he set the pace for no sibling rivalry.

“That concept definitely helped them to go for a bigger and common goal,” says Don Davis. “Coach Joseph practices what he preaches. He can tell you what to do and lead by example and tell you not just how to do it, but how you need to go.”

“Coach Joseph sets high standards and good values for what they need to do as a team,” says Michele Davis.

“Katy High School football means hard work and discipline,” says Don Davis. “It’s everything we knew it would be.”

Third Davis Son Heading for Katy

Jalen and Seth have a younger brother Silas who’s currently in 8th grade at WoodCreek Junior High. He plays several sports there, including football, and has already attended a Strength and Conditioning Camp at Katy High School. Maybe Don and Michele Davis will get to cheer on Seth and Silas as they continue the sibling tradition and play for the Katy Tigers.

Don Davis summarizes Katy Tigers football with these words: “Big-time sacrifice and big-time reward.”


Built-in Competition with the Ceyanes Brothers

This is the first time the Ceyanes brothers have played football on the same team - one on offense, one on defense. Sophomore JR plays wide receiver and Judson, a junior, plays linebacker. Both are starters on the kick-off and kick-off return team.

Coach Joseph says, “Both JR and Judson Ceyanes are competitive and are very coachable.”

JR Ceyanes (left) and Judson Ceyanes (right). Photo: Kimberly Ceyanes

The boys’ mother, Kimberly Ceyanes, has watched her sons grow up significantly in the course of this football season.

“They push each other competitively to get stronger, faster, better,” says Kimberly Ceyanes. “It’s built-in competition!”

The Ceyanes brothers follow their older siblings’ footsteps at KHS. Three years ago, their sister Chloe was a state finalist representing Katy High School in diving, and now competes at Texas A&M. Their brother Jace, class of 2017, wore a KHS Tigers football uniform for four years. He is currently in college in Los Angeles pursuing a career in acting.

Brotherly Bonds

Their father, Jason Ceyanes, describes Judson and JR as two completely different boys both in personality and in athletic skills. He adds that it is always fun to watch them support each other on the field.

“Even the small things like a simple checking to see how they are doing, or in a deep conversation on the sidelines is moving as a parent,” says Jason Ceyanes.

Life Lessons Beyond Football

The Ceyanes family believes the boys' journey is about so much more than football.

“Katy Football instills tradition, respect, character, work ethic and teaches our boys how to be good men —these are skills for life,” says Kimberly Ceyanes.

“There are very few experiences that come close to a student or coach getting to represent their school and community in a state-level competition,” says Jace Ceyanes. “ I could not be more proud as a father.”

“It’s hard to explain the feeling of having them play together in such an incredible program,” says Kimberly Ceyanes. “We watch the work and dedication the entire team puts forth every day and feel blessed that our boys are part of it.”

Fans can watch the Katy Tigers on the road to their ninth state championship on FOX Sports Southwest/FSSW Plus2 (Texas only), and live stream on FoxSportsGo.


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