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Trump Signs Continue to go Missing from Katy Yards


September 22, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Political yard signs continue to be stolen from private Katy residences. Security cameras and homeowners have caught some thieves in the act. One Katy resident chased down the kids responsible. Stealing a sign from someone’s yard is a crime and will be investigated as a theft.

Political Signs Stolen from Katy Yards

Katy residential cameras have caught political signs being stolen out of front yards during this election season. One resident witnessed young people taking his sign and he chased them down.

Sign Theft Treated Like Any Theft

“Stealing signs will be investigated like any other theft at Precinct 5,” says Jeff McShan, Public Information Officer to Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 5.

For the second time in two weeks, a resident in Kelliwood Gardens has had his President Trump signs stolen. He later recovered them from a storm drain and a nearby trash can.

Resident Pursued Thieves

When he saw four young people taking his signs this week, he pursued them. He later found out that they live in Cinco Ranch and were in his subdivision for a family party.

“I spoke to the father about them stealing the signs and how that was theft,” says the victim, who wishes not to be named. “The father and one of the students seemed apologetic but the other kids and mother just snickered in the background.”

The resident notified the police and an officer with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office spoke to the family since they live in Cinco Ranch.

“I don’t want to press charges, but I want them to know that this is wrong,” says the resident. “This is serious and something bad could happen.”

Political Signs Stolen From Several Neighborhoods

Several neighbors throughout Kelliwood Gardens, Kelliwood Park, Green Trails, and Nottingham have complained about their Trump signs being stolen also.

“It happens every election cycle,” says Major Chad Norvell with Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. “It would be a misdemeanor charge for theft, but I am not aware of anyone ever prosecuted.”

“In Harris County, police do not charge individuals with crimes,” says McShan. “The District Attorney’s office looks at reports and then decides whether to charge someone of a crime. They have a public integrity division that specifically looks into crimes like this with their own investigators.”

Parents, please remind your kids it is theft and trespassing,” says the resident. “This is about morals and teaching right from wrong. Anyone should be allowed to express who and what they support. That is what the United States was founded on.”

“Homeowners should be able to display the sign of whomever they support without fear of the sign being stolen,” says Major Norvell.


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