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You Know You're a True Katy Texan When....

Moving to Katy Texas and being a Katy Newcomer will most likely result in a bit of culture shock. The weather is hot, but the people are friendly and our schools are great! Here are a few ways you'll know when you are a true Katy Texan!

KATY MAGAZINE I JULY 2018 Katrina Katsarelis

Welcome to Katy, Texas! My family and I moved here in 2000 from Santa Clara, California and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. I remember marveling at the top schools, big houses, and friendly community! After moving here, I went searching for a Katy Area resource guide with everything we wanted to know about Katy. A few years later, I launched Katy Magazine and have learned so much about Katy along this fantastic media journey! Here’s a fun look at what I wish Katy folks would’ve told me when I arrived.

You know you’re a REAL KATYITE when…

1. You pronounce Mayde Creek like this: "May-dee Creek".

2. You willingly spend over $200 on a life-size Homecoming Mum for your high school student or their date.

3. You know the difference between Historic Katy and New Katy and you appreciate the differences of both.

4. You treat everyone you meet with southern hospitality. (Yes, people here are really nice and friendly and we need y’alls help keeping it that way!)

5. You’ve taken your family photo in front of the mural at Katy Heritage Park or in front of the Katy Train.

6. You’ve entered your kids’ photo in Katy Magazine’s Cutest Kid Cover Contest or you dog’s photo for Cute Pet Picks.

7. You know how Cinco Ranch got its name.

8. You know what those huge geese statues and rice dryers are all about.

9. You have a great deal of respect for Katy ISD and all they do for our children. It’s probably why you moved here and you encourage and support our hardworking educators. (Please don't move here and trash our school system. They're not perfect, but they DO love the kids.)

10 . You can name all three Katy counties and know about where they are.


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