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$15K of Tools Stolen from Vehicle at Katy Home


February 8, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

A local plumber had over $15,000 worth of tools stolen out of his work truck parked at his Katy home. Home security cameras caught two thieves as they stole tools out of the work van Saturday morning.

Photo credit: Julio and Jessica Quiroz

Katy Plumber Has Never Experienced This

Julio and Jessica Quiroz own Pro Plumber Cypress that services the Katy and Cypress area. They have lived in the Elyson neighborhood in Katy for three years and have never experienced any crime like this. If they could talk to those who committed this crime, they would ask why?

$15,000 Worth of Tools Taken

Saturday morning, February 4, 2023, two thieves were seen on a home security camera as they broke the windows and took over $15,000 worth of plumbing tools.

Watch the Video

“We do have several vans that we own and that we allow our employees to take home,” says Jessica Quiroz, who explains that they do have insurance that will assist with the stolen tools and broken window.

A police report was filed with Harris County Sheriff’s Office and they are investigating.

Tools taken include several Milwaukee cordless press tool kits priced at over $2,000, a $900 auto feed drain cleaning snake auger, and more.

“We did find another video which looks like them stealing from another van at another location,” says Quiroz.

Authorities remind Katy residents that vehicle burglaries do happen.

Don't be a Victim

  • Always lock your vehicle and take your keys.

  • Never leave your car unattended while it is running.

  • Park in a well-lit area.

  • Take valuables with you when you are not in your vehicle or keep them out of sight.

  • Give parking attendants the ignition key only.

  • Install an anti-theft device.

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
May 30

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