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2020 Katy Halloween Drive-by Home Tour


October 23, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Welcome to Halloween in Katy! Local residents have summoned the spooky spirits this year with creative themes and good old-fashioned frights. From skeleton scenes to high-tech projections, Katy homes feature fun, free entertainment for families to enjoy.

Photo credit: Carmen Cardona Revolorio

Katy Homes Deliver Scares and Fun with Spooky Decor

This season, Katy homes are going all out with Halloween decorations. Check out our list of the most festive and spookiest local homes!

Pandemic Inspiration

Kingsland Boulevard and Houghton

(See opening picture above)

2020 has brought panic and fear unlike anything society could have imagined. Yet one Katy family has found a way to channel all that we are feeling into a fun and timely Halloween theme. Catch their COVID-themed horror marathon complete with skeletons galore at Kingsland Boulevard and Houghton across from Nottingham Elementary.


Zombies, Skeleton Bikers, and Projections...Oh my!

Outback Drive in Katy Lakes Estates

Photo credit: Voya-Dana Milasinovic

This Katy home has everything from zombies and skeletons on tractors and motorcycles. After dark, the yard and windows come to life with spooky projections (see sneek peek in the video below). Find this Katy home on Outback Drive in Katy Lakes Estates.

Visitors can also find this skeleton desperately working on her tan!


Traditional Halloween with Creative Tombstones

Abby Aldrich in Williamsburg Settlement

Photo credit: Rachel Trevino-Camacho

Looking for traditional Halloween yard decorations? Check out this home in Katy's Williamsburg Settlement. We love the big pumpkin at the door, but their creativity scores big with the names adorning the homemade tombstones. Don't miss "Chris P. Bacon!"


Katy's Skeleton King

Firethorne at Crested Butte Drive and McDonough Way

Photo credit: David Gman

Look no further for the biggest skeleton in town. This Katy skeleton towers over his domain that even includes a skeleton horse. Don't miss this spooky house in the Firethorne community. Drive by on Friday or Saturday evenings to see the full display lit up.


Spooky Cutouts Galore

Cascade Springs and Blossom Meadow Drive

Photo credit: Aubrey Bougeois

Cute and spooky cutouts take over this Katy yard. Don't miss the black cat taking on the rat! Look high and low to appreciate the festive decor covering the yard from trees to the ground.


Singers Out of Their Gourds

1059 Hidden Canyon Road

Video credit: Jonathan Chavez

Make sure to roll down your windows when you drive by this well-decorated Katy home on 1059 Hidden Canyon Road. You’ll be treated to a performance of harmonizing pumpkins!


Skeleton Pirates, Afterlife Carriage, and Zombies

Fort Stockton and Red Bay

Photo credit: Mary McCreary

Skeletons take all forms in this Katy yard. Pirates, zombies, and even a skeleton horse pulling a spooky carriage are present and accounted for. The lit-up carriage shows a skeleton at rest as more skeletons struggle to pop up from beyond the grave.


Spooky Dolls Inspired by Real-Life Mexican Island

6627 Pleasant Stream Drive

Photo credit: Brenda Haynes

This Katy yard takes its inspiration from Mexico's "Island of the Dolls." Spooky dolls hang from the trees, the house, cars, and appear throughout the yard. Learn more about this spooky home and the resident's story here.


All the Frights

Cinco Park Place Closest to Cinco Ranch Boulevard

Video credit: Marie Balderas

This video conjures all of the spooks and spirits to this Cinco Ranch home. The eerie blue light illuminates the figures as they animate and frighten those who dare to visit.


Spooky Yard Crew Observes Pandemic Protocol

Tilstock and Kelliwood Oaks

Photo credit: Susan Suze

Skeletons get to some yard work while sporting pandemic inspired masks.


Skeletons Lounging About

Oakwood Knoll Drive and Ensley Hollow Drive

Photo credit: Thora Christiansen

These skeletons know how to relax! Wave back to those resting in their lounge chairs. Don't forget to say "hi" to the dearly departed trying to join their fun.


They Come from the Ground

Sierra Lake Drive and Mountain Meadows

Photo credit: Janae Krell

This creepy Katy home showcases creatures crawling out of the ground and trapped in ominous cages. When the sun goes down, special lighting illuminates the spooky scene.


Clowns Come out to Play

Abby Aldrich Lane in Williamsburg Settlement

Video credit: Corina Myers

These Katy clowns swing, play, and scare visitors in animated frights designed to entertain. Don't miss this Katy home on your family's spooky home tour!


More Than Just Funny Bones

21822 Canyon Peak Lane

Photo credit: Francesca Moore

Don’t miss the skeletal antics in the Cinco at Willow Fork subdivision. You never know what they might be doing because12-year old Francesca regularly rearranges the skeletons and creates new scenes to delight the neighbors.


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