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24 Easy and Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Katy Families

KATY MAGAZINE | December 2018

By Natalie Cook Clark

Worn out and running out of good ideas? Katy Magazine has compiled 24 funny, creative and somewhat easy ideas to get your creative juices flowing all the way through Christmas Eve.

1. Jolly Red Giant


2. Homemade Cookie Surprise


3. Ball Pit for One


4. Snowman Grater


5. Flying Ninja Warrior


6. Little Drummer Boy


7. Fishing Pond Fun


8. Cereal Reminders


9. The Weightlifter


10. Frozen Frenemies


11. Holy Roller


12. Sexiest Elf Alive


13. Santa Wannabe


14. Angels in the Sprinkles


15. The Fruit is Watching


16. Twisted Misters


17. Laundry Dude


18. This Means War


19. Frosty Meltdown


20. Poker Face


21. Namaste in Elvish


22. Mount St. Elf


23. Elf Graffiti


24. Bathroom Surprise!

If you have a great Elf on the Shelf Idea, email us!

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