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A Katy Area School Uses Theatre to Fight Bullying


October 3, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Morton Ranch High School Theatre Department is putting on a special show, “The Bully Show,” to help educate students against bullying and how to handle this ongoing issue. The show starts this week.

Morton Ranch HS Theatre Department

“I wanted our program to perform a show that would be entertaining, but also provide a tangible lesson about something the students might be going through,” says James “Joey” Watkins, Theatre Director at Morton Ranch High School.

“The Bully Show” by Brian Guehring runs this Thursday and Friday (October 6 and 7.) Show times are 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and last 50 minutes. Tickets are $3. Chaperones are free.

“It is an entertaining approach to showing kids ways to identify and stand up against bullying,” says Watkins.

An Interactive Game Show

The show is set up in a game show setting to help engage the audience in an interactive experience. Their target audience is grades 3-5. Many Katy ISD elementary schools are already signed up to attend. Home school students are also welcome.

“I’ve learned how to improve better since we will be pulling students from the audience on stage to be contestants in the show,” says theatre student Sommer Lopez.

Morton Ranch HS Theatre Department

“I have learned the impact of words and actions 10-fold,” says student Steph Ajayi.

Students agree that this is a topic important to discuss among the community. The show’s interactive nature makes it more impactful.

“I think it is important to perform for my community to show the dangers of bullying,” says Lopez. “Hearing that from a peer or a member of their community will make it more memorable for them.”

“Kids get to see it in a way where students are performing it which makes it more meaningful and powerful to know that bullying is not ok,” says Ajayi.

According to Lopez, the show paints a clear picture of what bullying is and helps victims know how to stand up to bullies.

“They will take away a better picture of the deep impact that their words might have on others, and a sense of community to help each other overcome bullying,” says Ajayi.

Katy ISD takes a strong stance against bullying and encourages students, staff, and community members to report concerns via their anonymous reporting app, SpeakUp.

“Students will take away a deeper understanding of the harm bullying causes and the strength of standing against it,” says student Zoe Fruland.

Get Tickets Online

Purchase tickets online before they sell out.

“I see it as an opportunity to help make our Katy ISD community a more welcoming and kinder place for everyone,” says Watkins.


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