Firework Injuries Happen, Katy Officials Want You to Stay Safe


July 3, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Fireworks are strictly forbidden in the City of Katy, but most of the Katy area is unincorporated and they are allowed. Over the years, Katy residents ranging from babies to adults have been injured by fireworks. Don’t let it happen to someone you love.

Fireworks Not Allowed in City of Katy

The Fourth of July is about celebrating our Nation’s birthday, but most can’t think of the holiday without picturing the glittering and popping of fireworks. Katy strictly forbids the use of fireworks, but this law only applies to Katy proper.

Katy is part of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties with neighborhoods spanning more than one, as well as being located in the City of Katy proper and unincorporated areas. This leaves a lot of Katy open to shooting off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day.

Fireworks are Legal in Most of Katy Area

“People should be aware that most of this area is unincorporated and fireworks are legal,” says Fort Bend Constable Chad Norvell. “Deputies cannot instruct your neighbor not to discharge them as it is a legal activity.”

There are many fun local events going on where Katy families can enjoy fun activities including fireworks. Don’t miss out on these fun events.

Injuries from Infants to Adults Have Been Reported

Still, many Katy families will shoot off fireworks at home.

“Fireworks are fun and in the majority of this area completely legal,” says Jason Tharp, Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction / Public Information Officer at Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department.

Tharp says that over the years Katy area residents of all ages from infants to adults have experienced injuries resulting from fireworks.