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Grand Parkway Construction Through Cinco Ranch to Continue to Cause Delays


July 6, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

Any Katy resident who has driven on the Grand Parkway through Cinco Ranch has experienced significant traffic. The ongoing construction still has a year to go but promises relief, but residents need to be patient and expect delays.

The Grand Parkway in Katy, TX. Photo credit: Angelina Clark

Multiple TxDOT projects are currently ongoing on the Grand Parkway that goes through Cinco Ranch. The largest of these projects is the addition of a third lane to the current northbound and southbound lanes between FM 1093 and Kingsland Boulevard.

Another project will improve the frontage lanes from Cinco Ranch Boulevard to Westheimer Parkway and from Fry Road to FM 1093. This project includes the addition of two new frontage lanes adjacent to the southbound side of the existing Grand Parkway or SH99. The project also includes adjustments at the interchanges.

“Lane modifications are occurring daily due to ongoing construction,” says Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell of Precinct 1. “Please be aware and expect changes as you drive through.”

Drivers need to be aware that the speed limit changes through the construction area to 60 mph, but that often times traffic keeps anyone from going too fast. Still accidents, including a rollover, have occurred in the area.

The traffic fine for speeding in a construction zone can be up to $1,000. With no shoulder and the narrow construction lanes driving over the speed limit is dangerous.

The widening of the highway by adding the third lane is estimated to cost $99.5 million. The frontage lane project is estimated to cost $90.45 million, while the Grand Parkway and Westpark Tollway connector is estimated at $48 million.

All of these projects are being funded by toll road revenue and special districts.

As the Katy area continues to grow as does the needs for infrastructure such as these improvements to the Grand Parkway. The brutal rush hour traffic hopefully will find relief when this project is completed.

While the completion can change based on multiple factors some segments will finish earlier, but the entirety of these projects are currently estimated to be completed summer 2024. Until then, drive safe and plan on delays.


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