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Harris County Fire Station Offers CPR, Babysitting Training


April 2, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Harris County ESD No. 48 Fire Department has resumed teaching their onsite CPR and Safe Sitter classes. Students as young as 8 years old (with an adult) can take the course. Experts say training is smart ahead of summer work and family vacations.

Photo courtesy: Harris County ESD No. 48 Fire Department

CPR and Safe Sitter Classes

Harris County ESD No. 48 Fire Department offers monthly CPR training as well as Safe Sitter, a nationally recognized babysitting and safety training course. Students ages 8-13 can take the classes with an adult.

“Our dedicated team of First Responder professionals and volunteers urge everyone to learn CPR - The life you save could be one you love,” says Jason Tharp, Battalion Chief of Community Risk Reduction and Public Information Officer.

Many students are thinking about summer jobs or families may need older siblings to help watch younger brothers or sisters. Safe Sitter can help students be prepared.

“It teaches middle school aged children everything safety when it comes to baby sitting or watching a younger sibling for the first time,” says Tharp.

“The students get a 30-minute introduction to CPR and first aid, but it isn't a full class needed for an American Heart Association Card,” says Tharp. “We invite the students to comeback for the full CPR class at a discounted fee.”

Photo courtesy: Harris County ESD No. 48 Fire Department

According to Tharp, feedback from the Safe Sitter class says that the CPR section was the participants’ favorite part.

“If a business wants to host a class for their employees, we will bring the class to them no matter if they are in our district or not,” says Tharp.

The First Responder team at Harris County ESD No.48 Fire Department is passionate about teaching life saving CPR.

CPR Ahead of Summer is Recommended

The chances of survival is greatly improved when a bystander immediately performs CPR,” says Tharp. “With the summer months coming and many families vacationing in high populated areas, knowing CPR in case of an emergency is imperative.”

Harris County ESD No. 48 Fire Department has returned to offering full size, onsite classes. HEB donated 3,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. The mannequins are sanitized after each class.

Register and learn more about the Heartsaver CPR AED class here. The class is $30. They also offer the same class with basic first aid. It’s $35. Learn more here. Email the station with any questions.


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