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Hope Impacts Helps Homeless as Numbers Rise


June 27, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


Hope Impacts has been serving Katy’s homeless population for 10 years. Homelessness is a problem many cities face, but our numbers are rising along with high temperatures. Last week, a homeless man was arrested for dangerous behavior.


Hope Impacts is a Katy based non-profit focused on giving hope and dignity to locals facing homelessness. Hope impacts founder and Executive Director Tina Hatcher says that the numbers of homeless continues to grow. Katy saw an increase after Hurricane Harvey and the pandemic that continues to climb.


“It seems that for every person we get off the street, we see many more facing homelessness,” says Tina Hatcher, who says that in some cases they are helping people they got off the street that are now back due to job loss, health crisis, etc.


The incredibly high temperatures are adding to concern.


“The triple digit heat warnings are driving them all to seek cool places to be,” says Hatcher. “We are warning them about dehydrating, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke and the symptoms.”


Homeless Rarely Cause Disturbances

Homeless individuals are all around Katy, but rarely create a disturbance.


Last week, 31-year-old Christopher Adam Ray was arrested after he was witnessed throwing rocks at vehicles and breaking multiple windows at the Chick-Fil-A off Greenhouse Road.


“No one was injured but throwing rocks at vehicles as they are operating is a dangerous incident,” says Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland with Harris County Sheriff’s Office.


Hatcher was mortified when she heard of the incident and says that a single mom who Hope Impacts helped when she was homeless works there.


“This is not ok or acceptable whether by the homeless or by the housed,” says Hatcher but stresses that stories like this are rare. “How many stories lately have centered around teachers in Katy ISD, pastors in Katy, youth workers, spouses, parents, and children? All criminals should pay the price for their actions.”


Hatcher says that despite the fact that the housed commit more crimes, the poor stigma of the homeless still remains.


“Generalizations and stigmas promote fear mongering and hate,” says Hatcher. “It’s dangerous and unhealthy. I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.”


Hope Impacts serves the tri-county area of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller County.


“Although there are no shelters in the communities we serve, we do what we can to build relationships, offer a safe community, and assess each person's situation to be able to give resources, referrals and opportunities to help them improve their challenging situations,” says Hatcher.

10 Years of Service

On July 11, 2024 Hope impacts will celebrate their milestone of changing lives for 10 years at a gala, Stars of Hope Impacts. Become a sponsor or get tickets online.


After 10 years of serving the Katy community they are now searching to expand to a larger space. While it’s difficult to know the Katy homeless population numbers, Hope Impacts currently has 210 active participants in their programs.


According to Hope Impacts, they have helped 260 homeless to be housed and have served over 5,980 meals.


They are not a shelter. Hope Impacts focuses on both the immediate needs on the Katy streets, but also seek pathways to find sustainable and permanent solutions.


How Can We Help?

Hatcher says that the biggest issues creating the homeless crisis is housing and jobs. She says that affordable housing needs to be addressed and that job pay must keep up with the increased cost of living. However, the biggest help starts with us.


“We need to treat others the way we want to be treated,” says Hatcher. “We need to build relationships that show that our community cares.”


Hatcher says that there are simply too many stories to share, but that everyone is one situation away from homelessness.


“It can happen to anyone. For the critics out there- when you come up with a better solution, consider us in your corner,” says Hatcher. “If, for some reason homelessness affects you or those you love- know we are here doing what we can.”


Hope Impacts is always in need of donations. Learn about accepted items and current needs at their website on by following them on Facebook.

Donations can be dropped off at their Katy office:

9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday (The office will remain closed on Fridays)

802 Dominion Drive Suite 900 Katy, Texas 77450

Right now they really need Gatorade, bug spray, summer clothes, and sleeping bags. They ask that you call 713-705-7884 prior to dropping off donations.

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Colby Adkins
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Hatcher claims that everyone doodle games is only one circumstance away from homelessness, but there are just too many examples to tell.


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