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Katy Family Films Bobcat in Backyard


January 8, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy family caught a bobcat on film in their backyard this week. This is not the first time this critter has visited, and they leave it alone. Many critters call Katy home and co-exist with local families.

Bobcat filmed in Katy backyard. Photo credit: Tariq Siddiqui.

Bobcat Filmed in Windsor Park Lakes

A wild bobcat was filmed in a Katy families backyard this week. The family lives in Windsor Park Lakes and the bobcat frequently visits from its home in George Bush Park.

“Our house backs up to George Bush Park,” says Tariq Siddiqui. “He usual visits every year. Today it stayed for over an hour and then left.”

Watch the Video

The Siddiqui family left the bobcat alone as many local authorities recommend doing with local wildlife.

“Many people move in from the city and call in when they see coyotes, hogs, gators, and such,” says Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell. “Native wildlife should be left alone and they’ll leave you alone.”

While the Siddiqui family had a visit from a local bobcat, many other critters come into close contact with Katy homes each year.


The greater Houston area has 34 different kinds of snakes. Of that number, about four are venomous and considered aggressive. However, any animal bite can result in serious infection and injury even without venom. If you see a snake, leave it alone unless it seems to pose an immediate threat. In that case call Animal Control.

According to experts the best way to ward off snakes is to eliminate their food source. Spray for bugs and clear obvious places around your property where rodents could hide.


There have been many sightings of Katy gators in bayous and ponds over the years, but no reports of attacks. With Katy's growing population, gators and humans may cross paths more than they have in past years so awareness is important.

"Most Texans in 'gator country' will live in close proximity to these native reptiles with no confrontations," according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD.)

Residents should take care when walking dogs near creeks and lakes as they could be seen as pray.

If the gator is a nuisance, such as seen to be approaching people or is an obvious threat, the TPWD advises to call the law enforcement communications center at (713) 779-8977.


Over the years, Katy residents have seen coyotes. In some cases, beloved family pets have been killed by coyotes. There are steps you can take to stay safe.

How to Deter Coyotes from Your Home

· Do not keep pet food outside.

· Clean your grill after use.

· Clear away potential hiding places.

· Cover trash and recycling cans.

· If composting, do not add meat or bones.

· Keep small pets indoors.

Wild Hogs

Wild hogs continue to be a problem in Cinco Ranch and now new developments North of 1-10 like Elyson. One hog attacked a Katy woman and her dog.

Photo credit: Ryan Morone

The hogs are very destructive to yards and have even destroyed the grounds at Willow Fork Golf Course.

Other mammals that Katyites encounter include raccoons, opossums, and rabbits. Local wildlife can be very beneficial to our community and your yard.

In most cases, displaced wildlife are more afraid of us than we are them. Take caution and if you need assistance call your local animal control or a professional.

Harris County 281-999-3191

Fort Bend County 281-342-1512

Waller County 979-826-8033


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