Katy Restaurants Take Added Precautions to Protect Customers


March 28, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect many local businesses, especially restaurants which have been impacted by the in-house dining restrictions. Local restaurants are taking extra precautions to protect their food, as well as their customers.

Casey Castro, owner/chef at Astor Farm to Table.

Restaurants Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic

Whether they’re a national chain, or a mom-and-pop, restaurants are unarguably one of the industries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. While all in-dining experiences are closed, most local restaurants still offer delivery and/or pick-up.

Restaurants Take Extra Precaution

Restaurant operators in the Katy area realize the importance of operating safely and maintaining infection control. They are taking extra precautions to prevent any viral spread and to ensure the safety of their customers.

“Everything has changed since the virus,” says Casey Castro, owner and chef of Astor Farm to Table. “But the precautions have always been there. It’s one of the most important things we do.”

Astor Farm to Table is currently offering delivery and curbside pick-up and often features daily specials. They have also been accepting donations and preparing meals for first responders in the medical community. Donate through their Go Fund Me account.

“We always take extra care in regularly washing hands for 30 seconds,” says Castro. “We wear gloves all the time and make sure that employees who are ill stay home until they are well to work, with a doctor’s note.”

Katy’s Midway BBQ is also taking added precautions.

“As far as sanitation, we follow the 6-feet rule, wipe things down, and change gloves every 15 minutes,” explains Midway BBQ manager Deborah Galegos.

Historic Katy Restaurant Filling a Lot of Orders

The historic BBQ joint in Old Katy is filling a lot of take-out and pick-up orders. They are happy to be able to provide meals for Katy-area families.

Lucy Chao, with Azul Seafood Tapas, says that while business has drastically dropped, they