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Katy’s Mayor-Elect to Take Office in Unopposed Race


February 25, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Longtime Katy resident William “Dusty” Thiele will take office in May after an unopposed Katy Mayor race. Thiele has served Katy for over 10 years in various positions and plans to focus on drainage, security, among current projects that he’s already been involved with.

Katy Mayor-Elect Dusty Thiele.

A New City of Katy Mayor

Dusty Thiele will become the new Mayor of Katy this May after an unopposed campaign. Mayor-Elect Thiele is a downtown Katy business owner, active community member, has served on City Council, and currently is the Chairman for the City of Katy Conventions and Tourism Bureau Board. Thiele has played an instrumental role in the development of The Katy Boardwalk District.

Taught to Serve

“Growing up I was taught to serve and that’s what I’m going to do,” says Mayor-Elect Dusty Thiele, who chose to run for Katy Mayor after current Mayor Bill Hastings chose not to pursue a second term and Mayor Pro Tem Chris Harris decided not to run.

Thiele was appointed by former Mayor Don Elder and current Mayor Hastings to serve Katy in an unexpired term on City Council. He’s served Katy through this role and his Chairmen position for almost 10 years.

“I’ve been serving the City of Katy and I felt that with the things I’ve done I felt qualified,” says Thiele.

A Continued Focus on Drainage

“Katy has a lot going on already,” says Thiele, but says he will focus on drainage. “I believe that any new development needs to address and improve drainage.”

Thiele enjoys nature.

Thiele has a professional and personal level of understanding when it comes to flooding. He is an insurance agent who has seen what people go through, but then has also experienced his own home flooding as well.

He says that the city is always working to manage flooding risk and he plans to continue that work. He agrees with the recent city vote to expand Morton Ranch Road and believes that will help.

Thiele plans to be prepared for possible challenges.

Hope for No Disasters, But Katy is Prepared

“I hope for no Harveys, Tax Day floods, or more COVID,” says Thiele. “You never know what is going to happen, but the city has learned a lot for such events and is prepared to meet challenges.”

Thiele looks forward to serving the Katy people and has enjoyed meeting so many new people over the last few months. He is honest and says his weakness is public speaking and he hopes that the community will forgive him for that.

Keeping Up with Security as Katy Grows

“The Mayor’s job is security and keeping levels up and always improving,” says Thiele, who says this will be another big point of focus for him.

“As Katy continues to grow, Houston is moving out here,” says Thiele. “We must support our police and fire stations to adjust to the growth and need.

Thiele has two daughters, Sarah Goffinet and Laura Ann Thiele. The both grew up in Katy and attended Katy Elementary, Katy Junior High, and Katy High School where they were Katy Tiger cheerleaders.

He graduated from Baylor University and has owned and operated Thiele Insurance Agency in downtown Katy for 35 years.

The Work Begins Now

Since Thiele is running unopposed, he has the advantage to start getting ready for office now.

“I’ve already spoken to Mayor Hastings and City Manager Byron and will start sitting in on meetings,” says Thiele.

Yesterday current Mayor Bill Hastings and 4 previous Katy Mayors had a reunion. Read more about this historic event here.


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