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Precinct 5 Announces Drones Named By Community


July 5, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Precinct 5 is adding two drones to their law enforcement team to assist with tracking down suspects, locating lost kids, and investigating deadly crashes. FAA regulations require drones be named prior to licensing so Constable Ted Heap asked the community for suggestions. After an overwhelming response, Heap announced the drones names are...

Drones to Add Extra Support in Searches, Investigations

Adding drones will allow the precinct to gain an extra perspective in searches and investigations such as tracking down suspects, locating lost children, and investigating deadly crashes.

"These drones will be equipped with long range cameras and video as well as some pretty advanced thermal imaging capabilities," says Constable Ted Heap.

And the Names Are...

"Before we can officially launch them, however, we have to register their official names with the FAA. And that's where all of you were a big help," says Precinct 5. "After receiving and reviewing more than 100 nominations, we have official names for Constable Ted Heap's new drones -- Maverick and Goose."

Together, Maverick and Goose will greatly help the precinct in their law enforcement duties.

The Original Maverick and Goose

Fans of the 1986 movie "Top Gun" will certainly recognize the names Maverick and Goose. Tom Cruise starred as Maverick, a student at the United States Navy's elite fighter weapons school, and Goose was his best friend.

Deputies Licensed, Ready to Fly

"We have deputies who are officially licensed drone pilots and others taking classes to obtain their official authorization so that every shift has the ability to benefit from their deployment," says Precinct 5.

Constable Heap Thanks Community

Constable Ted Heap thanked the community for an overwhelming number of suggestions, many of them were strong candidates. In the end, Maverick and Goose stood out above the rest.


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